The Housetraining Myth – Why Scolding Doesn’t Work

The Myth:  In order to housetrain a puppy, you must show him repeatedly and with authority that peeing or pooping in the WRONG spot will lead to being scolded. (INCORRECT!)

The Real Deal: Housetraining a puppy is setting him up to go in the RIGHT spot, over and over.  For every time you catch and interrupt your dog while he is soiling the wrong place, you should have at least 25 instances of him going in the RIGHT place.  In other words, accidents should be RARE.

Whose job is it to get your pup to go in the right place? Yours.  You must set your dog up for success.  That’s why scolding doesn’t work – because it doesn’t lead to rewarding experiences.  Remember, rewards drive behavior.  If it works for the dog, he’ll repeat it.

Very soon I’ll post a complete set of can’t-miss housetraining instructions.  In the meantime, read The Real Deal above again, and again.  The Myth regarding scolding could not be more wrong. Embrace this concept or not only will your dog fail to learn housetraining, he will also lose trust in you.  Pups who are trying to learn the rules will not connect with an owner who gives corrections more than giving direction.  Excess corrections are confusing and stressful.  That’s no way to build a bond.

The Wrap: Puppy raising is all about setting the dog up for success. Manage the environment and the schedule.  Create the behavior patterns you want to see in the adult dog.  Works every time!

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