Featured Student

Our students are the future of dog training and the heart of our school.

That’s why we regularly take a moment to recognize one of our top aspiring trainers here.

Our Featured Student this month is Kim Kurland of Tarzana, California. At the time of this posting, Kim is studying Phase 6 of the CATCH Master Class, and she is doing an amazing job with her studies!

A Word from Kim

“She will be successful in this field, without a doubt!” – Mentor Trainer, Barbara Johnson

My Favorite Recent Study Topics:

My favorite topics of study in the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy program so far are learning/reading dog body language (including learning about calming signals), how dogs think and learn (including learning about classical and operant conditioning) and dog social development.

My Favorite Recent Hands-On Activity:

My favorite hands-on activity so far has been observing greeting behavior. The entire process of watching dogs interact with other dogs, people, and the environment is very enlightening.

Dont forget to take time out for fun!

How My Studies Have Changed the Way I See Dogs:

My learning experiences with CATCH have greatly affected how I look at my own dogs and especially how I look at other dogs that I don’t know (or don’t know well).  Being more educated and aware of dog body language and what it means in different contexts is a great indicator of what a dog is feeling and thinking in different situations, and that information affects how I approach and interact with a dog (or not) in varying scenarios.  I am a volunteer with Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles and handle many dogs I meet for the first time, and knowing how to better read dog body language, and understand what they respond to in our own human body language helps me immensely. It also helps me better understand when and how to approach and interact with different dogs.

Kim uses her training and behavior knowledge to help countless rescue dogs find new homes.

What I’m Most Excited About:

One of the most exciting, fulfilling, fun, and valuable experiences of the program for me so far has been working with my mentor trainer Barbara Johnson (BJK9’s). I have learned so much through my experiences and conversations with Barbara – she has been so generous with her professional expertise, her coaching (always giving me positive feedback and suggestions to help me be the best trainer I can be) and with her time.  I value our friendship immensely and will be forever grateful to her and to CATCH for pairing us up!

Way to go, Kim, we’re so proud of you!

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