Digging Dogs™ Learning Community

“This platform is active and engaging, I am constantly learning new ideas and concepts from evolving trainers.”

“An opportunity to dive into a topic deeply.”

“Good support group to gain confidence and brainstorm new and creative ideas.”

“Great community of like minded and motivated fellow dog trainers.”

At CATCH we are constantly working to bring you innovative and effective ways to take your skills to the next level. Digging Dogs is our new, private community for pet pros and parents. Our members are expert trainers and fellow dog lovers who enjoy learning from one another. Our group is inclusive, fun, friendly and smart. Through real stories, case studies, and just sharing “what works,” we are here to empower your training and deepen your canine connections.

“Great place to get advice from trainers that are new or seasoned. Great resources. No judgement!”

Can we help you with…

  • options for membership?
  • more information on when our next group is about to launch?

Email us with your full name and a short message about your interests in the dog world. We’ll get back in touch!

EMAIL US HERE: diggingdogs@catchdogtrainers.com


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