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CATCH Founder David Muriello, CPDT-KA, has appeared as a dog trainer and behavior expert on television, internet media and print.  Highlights include the Rachael Ray Show, Discovery Channel, Live with Regis and Kelly, and training work for Milk Bone, Target, and NYC celebrities. CATCH and David Muriello also appear as experts for the Petco Foundation, Petfinder, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and in Dog Fancy Magazine. The work of CATCH Academy and our graduates have been featured in the newsletters of industry leaders such as dog*biz and Cooperative Paws Service Dog Education. Here are a few of our appearances…

Rachael Ray Show, ABC-TV

David and Rachael are all smiles on this episode where they talk about choosing and training great family dogs.

David joined Rachael Ray for this fun episode about which breeds would be the best match for a family with children. David’s Border Collie, Flash, joined him for this segment which he co-produced, bringing several clients and their dogs along to showcase a great variety of breeds.

“We’ve been shopping around for dogs and we’re really not quite sure what kind of dog would fit our family,” the Maley family tells Rachael. So David Muriello from Biscuits & Bath (where Isaboo goes to doggie day care) helps this family of five make the big decision about which pup would make the best fit. While Rachael bribes the dogs to behave with liver biscotti, David shares the pros and cons of these five popular breeds.”

CATCH Graduate is Interviewed for the Cooperative Paws

Service Dog Education Newsletter

Certified Service Dog Trainer

Sophie is a CATCH Graduate who owns her training business and recently added service dog credentials to her impressive skill set.

Sophie Amphlett is a Cooperative Paws Service Dog Coach in Wilmette, IL. In addition to being an SDC, she graduated from the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Master Class with Distinction.

Tell us about your dog training business.

“I own NorthShore Canine Academy where I offer force-free, fear free, reward-based training. I focus on teaching dogs the everyday life-skills that set them up for success as loved and cherished family members.  In addition to basic manners, I teach tricks and scent games. I also do behavior consultations and help families implement plans to modify challenging behavior problems.

I recently began offering service dog coaching, including guiding clients who are choosing a dog for service work.”

Excellent work, Sophie, you make us proud!

FetchFind Newsletter - June 2015Fetch Find Newsletter:

CATCH Students Help Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

Fetch Find highlights the work of CATCH students who hone their training skills while helping shelter dogs to overcome behavior issues and learn manners.

From the article: “CATCH Academy’s founder and director, David Muriello, writes about the joy of seeing his students and shelter dogs succeed during the course of their Spring 2015 on-campus training session. In this post in the CATCH On! blog, you can see how dogs with poor kennel presentation and behavior become model canine citizens during the course of their work with CATCH’s trainers-in-training. (Watch the videos – it’s pretty impressive!)”

Association of Professional Dog Trainers Magazine:

Client Communication Can Make or Break You

APDT Chronicle - David Muriello Article - Fall 2015

CATCH School Director David Muriello wrote the cover article for this edition of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers “Chronicle of the Dog” Magazine.

The APDT published a feature article by CATCH School Director, David Muriello. This article provided key tips for how to enhance your dog training services and make your schedule more efficient using smart, modern client communication techniques.

Here’s an excerpt: “How many times have you been asked the same questions by dog owners? What about tips and remedies — how many times have you explained the same steps for things like crate training, housetraining, etc.? Rewriting the same things, repeating yourself, demonstrating the same techniques over and over — all that is fine when you are in separate sessions for different clients. That’s what you get paid for. But, when someone asks you to explain something a second or third time after class has ended, or via phone/email in between private lessons — repeating and rewriting in those scenarios is a waste of your time… It’s time to call upon your knowledge base to start
doing the work for you.”

The Chronicle of the Dog Magazine is available to APDT members, a group of dog enthusiasts and professional trainers dedicated to education in our growing field.

Canine Behavior Decoded, Dog Fancy Magazine

By Lynn M. Haner

CATCH Founder David Muriello was interviewed and quoted throughout this feature article about how to train different dog breeds based on their unique behavioral tendencies.  He also co-created a series of breed behavior quizzes that was featured on at the time this issue hit the newsstands. CATCH can also be found in the October 2012 issue of Dog Fancy, and was just interviewed again for the July 2013 issue, featuring tips on how to build your bond with your dog through training.

Click Here to Read the Article (David’s quotes highlighted in yellow throughout)

Pet Boarding and Day Care Magazine:

Dog Fights – Protect Your Reputation and Revenue

Pet Boarding and Day Care Mag - David Muriello Article - Mar-Apr 2015Pet Boarding and Day Care Magazine published a feature article by CATCH School Director, David Muriello, about how to prevent and manage dog fights in order to protect your business’ reputation and revenue.

Here’s an excerpt: “The simplest and most obvious predictor of fights is excitement level (or arousal level). This means the level of intensity in behaviors like running, jumping, bumping, wrestling, and vocalizing. When I ran a day care, our managers were trained to envision excitement level on a scale of 1 to 10 and to never allow the dogs on the play field to escalate past a level 6. This simple rule is much easier than looking for the early signs of when a bite is coming or trying to distinguish between play and a fight in the making. The rule is don’t let the dogs get overly excited. Period.”

The Dog Pro Monthly Minute by Dog*Tec

Resource in the Spotlight – CATCH Canine Trainers Academy – Spring 2013

Thousands of people in the dog care industry have succeeded by using dog*tec (now dog*biz) for the best in business support products, academies, and expert consultation. CATCH was proud to be featured as dog*biz’s Resource in the Spotlight this March. Here’s the excerpt from their publication:

dogtecpromo“We’re always on the lookout for new schools and programs for dog pros. CATCH has been open for just over a year now, and we’ve been hearing great things from their students. The courses have a strong focus on behavior in addition to hands-on training and handling techniques.  Studies are designed with online, book, and video material so you can complete coursework from wherever you live, at whatever pace suits you. A personal program director, who’s an experienced dog trainer, supports each student throughout his or her studies, and all courses come with the option to work hands-on with a local mentor trainer, which includes skills evaluations to earn higher level certificates. CATCH also offers courses a la carte—a great way to build your education one step at a time, or to find out if CATCH is right for you. There are programs for those interested in entering the training profession, as well as for experienced trainers seeking continuing education. Learn more at

The Annual “My Dog Loves Central Park” Country Fair

Best in Park Events hosted by CATCH Canine Trainers Academy

From the Central Park website: Mark your calendars, and don’t forget to bring Sparky (on leash, please)! Central Park Paws, a program of the Central Park Conservancy, invites dogs and owners of all ages to celebrate Central Park’s vibrant dog community and promote responsible stewardship of the Park at our 10th Annual My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair.

This event features:
BEST IN PARK DOG EVENTS – Led by David Muriello of CATCH Canine Trainers Academy
Dogs and owners can show off their responsible Park behavior in three rounds during the day, each featuring a different behavior skill. Winners will be named Best in Park Dogs.

Classroom Comfort, Dog Fancy Magazine

By Lynn M. Haner

David was interviewed and quoted for his expertise on socialization for dogs in puppy and basic obedience classes. He shares a story about a worried Yorkie owner and describes why he believes it is invaluable to teach dogs of all shapes and sizes in the same classroom.

Click Here to Read the Article

Milk Bone, National Magazine Ad

David’s Border Collie, Flash, was featured in Milk Bone’s “Wuttagoodoggy” ad campaign. When David and Flash first walked on the set, Flash was so scared of the giant cameras and lighting gear that he turned around and walked right out of the room! A little embarrassed (but not afraid to sprint after his dog), David chased Flash down and brought him back in front of the cameras. He soon got Flash smiling. Once they started playing with squeaker balls and performing tricks, everything was a-okay. Look at those beautiful white teeth! (On the dog, not the guy.)

Down in the Dumps Over Dogs, APDT Chronicle of the Dog Magazine

By Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA

David joined an amazing team of dog behavior experts led by Dr. Raymond Coppinger to study dog ethology in the garbage dumps of Mexico City.  A wonderful article by Terry Ryan included research that was led and compiled by David.  To learn about the ecology of the dump, the team interviewed the workers who lived among hundreds of dogs that also made their living in the land of garbage.

You can view David’s graphs with data by clicking here.

Enjoy David’s video and photos of the dump dogs at the CATCH On! blog.


Professional trainer helps canines put best paw forward

By Patrick Jenkins, June 2004

David’s work volunteering to train shelter dogs is covered in this wonderful feature story about how adoptable rescues can make fabulous pets. Patti Sapone’s beautiful photography captures a younger David in action.

Click here to read the article directly on the Star Ledger’s website.

A Regis and Kelly Top Dog, The Star Ledger

By Patti Sapone, May 2004

David’s dog, Eli, became a finalist in Regis and Kelly’s Mutt America competition! Eli’s tricks included “Fly,” where he would demonstrate an amazing vertical leap, and “Shut the Door,” where he would go and shut the bedroom door when David was too lazy to get off the couch and do it himself.

Click here to read the article directly on the Star Ledger’s website.

Tux the Therapy Dog Visits Children at Linwood Middle School

Some press is fabulous even when it’s not a public media splash. This is one of many notes from the thankful students who got a visit from David and one of his clients – Tux, the wonder therapy dog. Tux and David showed off a bunch of tricks and taught the children the right way to approach and pet a dog they’ve never met before. Needless to say, the kids were in heaven and Tux adored all of the attention.

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