A “Learning By Doing” Dog Trainer School

Hands-On Experience Makes Learning Effective and Fun

CATCH’s Professional Dog Trainer Course is much more than your typical correspondence course. Our dog trainer school is built on the idea of “learning by doing,” which makes your learning experience more effective, memorable, and fun.

Hands-on experience is the key to learning. Let’s get out and work with dogs!

Aristotle wrote that we “learn best by doing.”

Confucius said, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I DO and I understand.”

These words of wisdom explain why the CATCH curriculum is not based on reading materials alone, but instead includes tons of hands-on activities and videos. You will train dogs, study their live interactions, be actively engaged with your Mentor Trainer, join in “trainer talks”, and teach practice clients.

Research Shows that Learning By Doing is Effective

  • Learning by doing is more fun for students and teachers. The element of enjoyment motivates further learning.2
  • Engagement of multiple senses (such as with hands-on experience and the use of videos) can increase retention on what is learned by three-fold.1
  • Hands-on experiences practicing and making mistakes are the key to building new skills and strengthening existing ones.4
  • Process of discovery of knowledge and solutions builds self confidence.1, 3

Study + Hands-On = Effective Learning

The CATCH curriculum is filled with “doing” because this is the fastest, most effective way to gain and strengthen new skills.

How learning by doing is woven into our curriculum:

  • Multimedia such as videos and online training software programs, not just readings
  • Hands-on activities and fieldwork where you will observe and engage with dogs in live social interactions in every phase of study
  • Hands-on training of shelter dogs and practice private lessons
  • Practice sessions with your Mentor Trainer followed by personal guidance and written feedback

See an Overview of the CATCH Curriculum

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