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We take pride in giving you a personalized education with top notch learning materials and unlimited support from pro dog trainers.  Here’s what our students and mentors say about their experience.

Amy & Spike

Amy and Spike – best of friends!

Amy W., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Toms River, NJ

CATCH Canine Trainers Academy is wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about the curriculum, the materials or the staff. The program binder is supplemented with a vast and comprehensive library of books and videos sent directly to your home (included in the cost of your tuition). The staff is fantastic, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They are available by phone or email at any time during your studies. The program is self-paced, but if you need a little more structure (like I do), your Program Director can arrange that for you. My PD Kelly and I speak once a week by phone to go over my reading assignments and study questions from the program binder. I feel very comfortable with the way in which I am learning the material. And I am confident that I am well on my way to beginning my dog training career. Thank you CATCH!!!”

Andrew S. – Master Class Student
Woodbury, MN

Betty White is an excellent study buddy!

Jeri H. – Master Class Student
Mill Valley, CA

“If you’re looking for an excellent, accredited institution to study professional dog training, look no further. I researched training institutions for four months before finding the perfect fit. As of writing this review, I’m slightly more than halfway through the Master Class Program. (I started the course two weeks after our COVID lockdown began.) CATCH was my choice due to the reasonable pricing structure, reward-positive focus, and a great standing within the dog community.

I initially signed up at the Basics Pro level, their mid-tier course offering. It was immediately obvious that the materials were top-notch. I soon upgraded to the Master Class level in order to experience the full program with a mentor, the deeper focus on addressing behavior concerns, and the knowledge I’ll be set to take my CPDT-KA certification exam at the end of my studies. WORTH IT!!!

The curriculum is well-thought out and organized. It’s incredibly detailed, with practice questions and hands-on activities to help you engage with the materials. The exams absolutely challenge your comprehension of the materials, with both multiple choice and essay questions later on.

Let’s talk people. The CATCH staff is HUGELY supportive and passionate. The founder, David Muriello, worked tirelessly the first two months of COVID to bring us informative online webinars in light of the suddenly canceled in-person workshops. (I’ve since seen the recordings added into the curriculum.) Even if your advisor isn’t available when you call or email., the whole crew is happy to help with any questions you might have. I’ve never had an advisor who was so happy to help advise instead of let me figure things out on my own. My advisor, Becca has been a huge help getting me through things like my test anxiety and determining where the curriculum can be used to work my dog through her challenges. My mentor has also been a valuable in-person resource, even though we’re still about a month out from formally starting the mentorship portion.

I can’t wait to complete this program, as well as participate in future in-person trainings. Highly recommended as a trainer and an owner of a special needs dog. (Miss Betty White gives CATCH four out of four paws.)”

John makes such a difference in the lives of the shelter dogs he works with.

John W. – Master Class Student
Schwenksville, PA

This program arms students with a full arsenal of information, teaching and training methods to prepare you for a multitude of situations and circumstances. Regardless of coming into it with experience or with little experience, it will help you improve and grow wherever you are in the learning process. I deal with dogs daily and on most of them I don’t have a lot of history concerning their behavior or temperament., so it is important to be constantly aware and to be mindful of the often subtle language that these dogs speak, or I could be in very difficult situations very quickly.

I am especially impressed with the library of reading material that are associated with CATCH. The teachings from CATCH have also put my prior experience and knowledge in perspective. For example, I’ve been doing some things naturally when interacting with animals and didn’t completely understand why it had the effect that it did, but this material has allowed me to become more organized and deliberate with the process of training.”

In addition to a Certified Dog Trainer, Jane is also a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner.

Jane T., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Gypsum, CO

I am so thankful for the amazing education I had and continue to have with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy!! I graduated from their Master’s Class in January 2020. The curriculum is thorough and thoughtfully constructed to enhance the important aspects of learning the skills to become a competent and professional dog trainer. The CATCH approach emphasizes integrity, respect and the well-being of dogs and their people at each step of the process. Students are extremely well supported during and after their education with CATCH.
The CATCH curriculum will always be important to me. It continues to be a great support in the work I do with dogs, a valuable part of who I am as a trainer, and greatly enhances what I have to offer to my clients. I am GRATEFUL!
Thank you to David Muriello and his crew at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy! You are an amazing team!!”

Sophie A., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Wilmette, IL

Pia and David cheering on a graduate at the CATCH Professional Dog Training Skills workshop.

Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA, CCBC – Asheville, NC

CATCH Mentor Trainer,
Former Director of Training at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center

“Another fabulous five-day workshop with David Muriello. His CATCH program has proven to be extremely popular. If you are looking to become a trainer, want to increase your skill sets, preparing for your CPDT exam and much more, go to catchdogtrainers.com. They have developed something unique. I highly recommend it!”

Radhika and Points with their well-earned certificate.

Radhika V – Basics Pro Graduate
Pasadena, CA

Joining CATCH was the best decision I ever made. Nicole, my program director was helpful and amiable throughout the program. I took their Basics Pro which is a 1-year course, self-paced, and a student support team available round the clock. The curriculum was best in class, their materials, guides, books, the support staff, and mentorship were incredibly well-composed and informative. They promised and they delivered!!

Thank you CATCH for providing this opportunity. After completing this program I am able to take care of my dog on another level. Our bond has grown bigger and stronger. Thank you for turning my passion into a profession!!”

Michele has so much to offer, and we are so excited to see her success in the training world!

Michele K., CDTK – Master Class Mentor Optional Graduate
Lahaina, HI

“I have been wanting to become a professional dog trainer for at least the last decade. Last year I was finally in a time in my life where I had the opportunity to move forward with it. There are many dog training courses to choose from, but CATCH definitely stood out, and I am SO glad I chose to pursue my certification with this school.

My Program Director was Arminda Irizarry, she was wonderful to work with. She took the time to answer my many questions, made me feel valued, and always assured me that I was doing well. Don’t hesitate to enroll in one of their courses, I did the Master Class, totally worth it!

Todd C. – CATCH Mentor Trainer
Orlando, FL

Tracy keeping training fun with one of her client’s pups!

Tracy B., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Broomfield, CO

“I’m extremely glad I chose the Catch Canine Academy path for my dog training education. I just graduated from the Master’s Class November 2020. The online curriculum is clear and thorough. If you want to enhance your knowledge of puppy growth, reading dog behavior, starting your dog training business, to everything in between, I absolutely recommend Catch Canine Academy. With the online tests and chosen knowledgeable mentors, a plethora of books, student support, videos and you are provided with the great skills for the industry. Becca Crisafulli was my support system, who was knowledgeable, competent and friendly, but when she wasn’t in the office, everyone else was spectacular, as well. The program also follows my ethics of positive reinforcement for behavior training. This year with the unfortunate for us all circumstance David Muriello offered amazing webinars. Thank you all so much!!”

Maria with her super adorable student dog, Emma.

Maria N. – Master Class Student
Langhorne, PA

“I’m currently in Phase 4 of the CATCH Master Class and am thoroughly enjoying the program. In just a few short months, my ability to observe and interpret canine behavior has vastly improved, I’ve acquired a deeper understanding of how dogs learn, and I’m communicating with them more efficiently. This has been invaluable to me as a shelter volunteer because understanding canine body language and behavior opens the lines of communication between you and any dog. This helps to reduce stress and establish trust.

The CATCH curriculum is comprehensive, well-structured, and grounded in the most current teachings of reward-based training, animal behavior, and learning theory. The binder materials are supplemented with books and videos by respected leaders in the field, and each phase contains hands-on activities to put your knowledge into practice. The Master Class also provides you with an experienced mentor trainer in your area with whom you’ll work one-on-one to hone your training skills.

The CATCH staff are truly invested in every student’s success and are readily available via phone and email. Kelly, my Program Director, regularly checks on my progress and spends as much time with me as needed to review course materials and answer questions. She has the enviable ability to distill learning theories into layman’s terms. She also makes learning fun, and I’m grateful for her wealth of knowledge and endless encouragement.

Another reason I chose CATCH is because its program complies with state standards for integrity, financial stability, and educational quality. This was important to me because currently the dog training industry is not sufficiently regulated. Of great concern is the lack of a law prohibiting just anyone from claiming to be a dog trainer. And some can do harm despite good intentions. As a CATCH student, I know I’m receiving a quality education from a reputable academy where my certification will set me apart from the competition.

With every phase, my knowledge, skills, and confidence grow, and I look forward to working through the remainder of the program. I know it will best prepare me for a successful dog (and people!) training career, and I strongly recommend CATCH to any aspiring dog trainer.”

A photo op with Jill with her student dog, Bentley!

Jill H. – Basics Pro Student
Springhill, FL

“I am a professional dog groomer, and after 31 years of dog grooming, I started classes at the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. After just the first three phases I have been able to utilize these positive training methods with the dogs coming into the grooming salon. This has made my dog grooming much easier with frightened, young, or very old dogs that have fears of being groomed or basically left by their owners in a strange place. These methods that I now use regularly have the dogs more comfortable, happy and relaxed, some of them don’t even want to leave!

I’ve learned that talking to the dogs in “their language” is amazingly effective, making for a greater and calmer experience while being at a strange place with loud noises. The fear and stress in these dogs have lessened dramatically, and I expect that eventually will be eliminated entirely over time and constant practice. I would encourage these basic lessons to be taught to all dog groomers in the industry, for a safer, calmer outcome to be utilized in the dog grooming industry.”

Emilee D. – How to Speak Dog Graduate

Washburn, IL

Emilee and Her Handsome Golden, Bruin

Emilee and Her Handsome Golden, Bruin

I just finished up phase two of their program and I’m sooooo in love with it!
There are so many great things to say about CATCH, here are just a few of my favorite things.

1. Number one is definitely the staff.  Everyone at CATCH is so sweet! I love that your’e not just another student there. They know me by name, and they are always there to help. It’s so nice just to be able to pick up the phone or shoot and email even if my questions are about my dog and not school related. My dog is a joyful pain so it happens frequently. 😉

2. I have lots of health issues so it’s been amazing to have something that is entirely self paced! No due dates or deadlines!

3. The hands on activities and videos are so helpful. I’m a very visual person, so I love being able to watch or do what I’m learning.

I totally recommend CATCH, I’ve never been happier with a program!!

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