Dog Trainer School – Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at our dog trainer school provides you with a complete education to become a dog trainer and launch a successful dog training career.

CATCH – The Best Dog Trainer School!

Coming when called is a very important behavior to train for safety, but it also demonstrates your bond with your dog.

It begins with core foundation knowledge about puppy behavior and progresses through every key topic you’ll need, from learning dog body language and training techniques to behavior problem solving and business building.

What makes CATCH the best dog trainer school?The overall program is based on flexibility, tons of learning by doing, sessions with your Mentor Trainer, and our philosophy of positive, reward-based training.

Overview of Your Phases:


David teaches Gunner how to "Leave It" with a tasty treat in his hand. Training a dog to have impulse control around temptations is a key to great manners.

David teaches Gunner how to “Leave It” with a tasty treat in his hand. Training a dog to have impulse control around temptations is a key to great manners.

  • Phase 1 – Your Core Foundation for Becoming a Dog Behavior Expert
  • Phase 2 – Understanding Dog Behavior, Body Language, and Vocalizations
  • Phase 3 – How Dogs Think and Learn
  • Phase 4 – Hands-On Training: Behaviors & Skills
  • Phase 5 – Tools of the Trade – Equipment Makes a Difference
  • Phase 6 – Learn How to Lead Your Own Group Classes
  • Phase 7 – Dog Behavior Problem Solving
  • Phase 8 – Learn How to Lead Your Own Private Lessons
  • Phase 9 – Shelter Externship: Hands-On Dog Training, Evaluating Behavior, & Helping Dogs in Need
  • Phase 10 – Launching Your Dog Training Career and Business
  • Final Assessment and Graduation
  • Complimentary Pet First Aid and CPR training with certificate

Your Path to Graduation – Overview

dog trainer career

Jennifer teaches Kenai to make eye contact, another behavior that is excellent for building focused attention and a bond with the trainer.

  • Get Paired with a Personal Program Director
  • Complete All Studies & Hands-On Activities for One Phase at a Time >>
  • Pass Phase Exams at the End of Each Phase >>
  • Begin More Advanced Training with Dogs >>
  • Get Paired with a Local Mentor Trainer >>
  • Receive Feedback from Your Mentor Trainer Through Skills Evaluations >>
  • Continue to Pass Phase Exams at the End of Each Phase >>
  • Practice Private Lessons with Mock Clients and Continue to Receive Feedback on Skills Evaluations >>
  • Pass Final Exam >>
  • Graduation & Certification!

The CATCH Curriculum is broken down into 10 sections of study, which we call phases.  At the end of each phase, you will take a Phase Exam to test your knowledge and skill on everything studied in that phase.  When you pass each Phase Exam, you are ready to move onto the next phase.

Dog Trainer School – running to the training field

It is a great time to get into this growing field.

When you have completed all 10 phases with passing grades, you will be ready for your final exam.  The final exam will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge from all 10 sections of the curriculum.  When you pass the final exam, you will receive warm congratulations from the entire team at CATCH as you have now officially graduated from our dog trainer school as a CTA Certified Dog Trainer.  Now it’s time to launch your dream career!


Curriculum Details – Professional Dog Trainer Course

Your Dog Training Program has Four Major Learning Features:

reward based dog training

Dave rewards Dougie with a game of tug. Hands-on work with the dogs is key to building your skills.

1. Study Materials – An incredibly informative and effective selection of:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • The CATCH Guide to Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer (Your Study Guide)
  • Interactive Software in the Online Student Center

2. Hands-On Activities – Highly engaging, skill-building exercises you will perform with live dogs and people. These include:

  • Training dogs
  • Studying dog behavior in the field, in real time
  • Teaching people
  • Creating training plans
  • Solving behavior issues

3. Practice Questions -Thought-provoking questions you’ll answer on your own after studying new material. These questions will:

  • Give you a deep understanding of everything you are learning
  • Strengthen your memory of the concepts you are studying
  • Convert your new knowledge into skills
  • Prepare you for Phase Exams

4. Phase Exams – Tests of your knowledge and skill at the end of each phase.

  • When you pass each Phase Exam, you move onto the next phase of learning.
  • In select phases, Exams include your Mentor Trainer’s feedback on your hands-on technique, plus review of your training plans and skills in a virtual private lesson. This will give you a chance to practice everything you have learned and provide excellent preparation for leading real training lessons in the near future.

Looking for more on what makes us the best dog trainer school? Check out the success stories from our alumni and testimonials from our students!

Read Our School Catalog for More Details on Phases 1-10

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