CATCH of the DAY – Complimentary Webinar Workshops

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Wednesday, April 1st, 4pm ET – CATCH of the DAY – Socially Awkward Dogs

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Yes, if you register you can watch the recording after the live time – links will be right here on this page.

Recording of Monday, March 30th – Therapy Dogs and Assistance Dogs – Training a Comforting Head Rest – click here

Recording of Friday, March 27th – Attention, Control and the Details of “Play” – click here.

Recording of Thursday, March 26th – Greetings, Fear and Play Signals – click here.

Thanks for learning along with me everyone! -David

Once your registration is approved, click the link in your email to join on the day and time you choose. Keep an eye on your inbox, it takes a little time to get the email.

Bookmark this page to always find the link for the next CATCH of the DAY workshop here.

Earn CATCH Credits each time you attend – more details below.


Registration links to our next free online workshop will always be available on this page (above).  Links to the recordings will be here for you too, for a limited time.

Dog Lovers and Aspiring Trainers:
Join us to build your knowledge in dog training and behavior. Lessons are taught by David Muriello and the CATCH Team of pro dog trainers.

WHEN: Multiple days per week in the afternoon – see times above.  We are doing this for a limited time so take advantage of the opportunity!

WHAT: 15-minute webinar workshops packed with knowledge and skill building, compliments of CATCH.  We’ll be teaching in a variety of ways! For example, explaining dog body language and behavior as we watch videos together and even doing live training demonstrations.

BONUS:  Earn CATCH Credits.  More details below.

Earn CATCH Credits towards Discounts and Certificates.

  • Discounts: Every time you attend a CATCH of the DAY workshop you will earn 10 CATCH Credits.  These can be used for discounts on all of our online courses and in person workshops – at any point in the future!  Every 50 credits you get will raise you to a different discount tier.
  • Certificates: CATCH Credits will also earn you attendance certificates.  We will send you a digital certificate for every 50 credits you get. Certificates will showcase our topics of study and your dedication to learning all about dog training and behavior.
  • In order for us to track your CATCH Credits, you must register for each webinar workshop date using the link above.
  • Once you register, you’ll also get access to the recording in case you miss the live event. Those links will be on this page for a limited time after each workshop.

CATCH Credits are considered used after you trade them in for discounts and certificates. You can get a certificate and still use the credits for a discount – it is not one or the other, you can get both.

The same credits may not be used more than once and cannot be combined with other discounts except for the “Ready to Roll” discount or a “Student/Grad” discount for an in-person workshop. Thanks for learning with us, we are excited to share all of the above with you!

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