CATCH of the DAY – Complimentary Webinar Workshops

Welcome!  We have completed our series of 20 free webinar workshops taught throughout the Spring. Thanks to your feedback and admirable thirst for learning, we’re starting the series again and keeping it free for another round. Twice per month, we’ll post a new recording as we go from #1 to #20.

If you would like to earn CATCH Credits for watching, follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Put your Full Name in the subject
  3. In the body of the email, tell us the number of webinars you watched for that week. (Try to send us just one email per week please!)

Feel free to share any feedback in your email. It’s not required, but always appreciated. Please understand we will not be able to respond to topical questions as these webinars are available to a very large audience and we would be overwhelmed.

We will total up CATCH Credits once per month (including any you have earned from the past round) and send out emails to all who have earned 50 or more.  If you are new to the concept of CATCH Credits, there is more info on those below the videos.  All right, let’s get started…


We have completed a series of 20 free online workshops.  Recordings will be here for you (above) for a limited time.

Dog Lovers and Aspiring Trainers:
Watch the webinar workshops to build your knowledge in dog training and behavior. Lessons are taught by David Muriello and the CATCH Team of pro dog trainers.

WHEN: Recordings shown above will be updated twice per month. Recordings will be available for a limited time so take advantage of the opportunity!

WHAT: 30-60 minute webinar workshops packed with knowledge and skill building, compliments of CATCH.  We’ll be teaching in a variety of ways!  For example, there will be traditional slides to highlight key concepts and terminology but we’ll also be watching training videos and breaking down the methods or explaining dog body language and behavior as we watch dogs interact.

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BONUS:  Earn CATCH Credits.  More details below.

Earn CATCH Credits towards Discounts and Certificates.

  • Discounts: Every time you attend or watch a CATCH of the DAY workshop you will earn 10 CATCH Credits.  These can be used for discounts on all of our online courses and in person workshops – at any point in the future!  Every 50 credits you get will raise you to a different discount tier (up to 200 credits max).
  • Certificates: CATCH Credits will also earn you attendance certificates.  We will send you a digital certificate for every 50 credits you get. Certificates will showcase our topics of study and your dedication to learning all about dog training and behavior.
  • In order for us to track your CATCH Credits, you must email us your weekly total of webinars watched following the instructions above (scroll up to the 3 steps in the first section of this page).  In the past you registered for each webinar workshop date using a link, but now the videos are right on this page and we are keeping track by way of your emails.)

CATCH Credits are considered used after you trade them in for discounts and certificates. You can get a certificate and still use the credits for a discount – it is not one or the other, you can get both.

The same credits may not be used more than once and cannot be combined with other discounts except for the “Ready to Roll” discount or a “Student/Grad” discount for an in-person workshop. Thanks for learning with us, we are excited to share all of the above with you!

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