Sample Study Materials – Professional Dog Trainer Course

Here you can get a sneak preview of our learning materials.  Ready to peek at Phase 1?

CATCH Guide to Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer – Phase 1 and 2 Samples

How Breeds Came to Be and Canine Body Language

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Video Samples

Use a Slip Lead Safely and Effectively with Dogs That Pull
CATCH School Director, David Muriello, teaches you an easy way to quickly convert a slip lead into a harness for dogs that pull. Slip leads are important tools for moving dogs from one location to another, and in this video you’ll find key tips on how to use them like a pro.

Kennel Safety | Tips for Handling Dogs Like a Pro
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, David Muriello, demonstrates a safe and effective way to remove a dog from its kennel. This is a critical skill in many dog industry environments from training centers and day care facilities to shelters and veterinary clinics.

Interactive Questions

Click on the images below to explore our interactive questions.  For each question, check off your answer, then scroll down and click the Submit Answer button.  Let’s see you showcase some dog knowledge!

The Key to Training
(Phase 1 Sample Question)

Working Dogs
(Phase 1 Sample Question)

The Value of Socialization
(Phase 1 Sample Question)

Mission Submission
(Phase 2 Sample Question)

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