You’re in Charge: Take a Dog Trainer Course at Your Own Pace

The flexibility of our Professional Dog Trainer Course has your needs in mind:

  • Available across the U.S.: Study from your home town
  • No set hours: Learn on your own time, fit studies into your schedule
  • Self-paced: Go at your own speed and get certified at the pace that works for you

With part-time study, standard time to complete the full certification program is approximately one year, but can be as short as 6-8 months or as long as 18 months. Our Basics Pro course is even faster. We also offer hands-on workshops where you can spend a full week training shelter dogs while being coached by pro instructors at our beautiful new training facility. You can even combine a self-paced course in your town with a one-week workshop on our campus. We’re here to help you customize and choose whatever dog trainer course is the best fit for your schedule and goals. Ask us for details.

Keep Your Other Commitments

Take a dog trainer course at your own pace.

Do a little reading, watch a video, and then practice training.  Where you want, when you want.

With CATCH’s flexible distance learning program, you can keep your present job, or any other commitments, while you gain the knowledge and skills to become a dog trainer. We bring the classroom to your home, neighborhood, and local dog training businesses. This means you don’t have to add costs such as housing at an off-site location and you won’t waste time traveling back and forth to a remote facility. Our curriculum is designed to let you complete your training without interrupting your current work or school schedule. If you are working, you can continue to earn your paycheck while you learn with us.

Step-by-Step Learning at Your Pace

Your dog trainer course is designed to ensure that each phase is successfully completed before you move on to the next, so no matter what pace you choose to go, you will build skills step-by-step until you gain the expertise to become a dog trainer. Throughout every phase, you will have the flexibility to work at the pace that works best for you.

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