Online Dog Training Studies – Enhancing Education with a Modern Student Center added to Traditional Learning

At CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, we began teaching remotely through our online student CATCH – online dog trainer study sessionsplatform long before the many benefits of e-learning were widely accepted as they are today. We continue to be as committed as ever to bringing you a unique blend of high quality online learning combined with hands-on skill-building experiences and mentorship. 

The CATCH online dog trainer platform (your Student Center) gives you the advantage of convenience and flexibility. You can study with an interactive quiz or watch a video anywhere, while your online/printed Study Guide and hands-on experiences provide you with practical learning and guided mentorship. This combination provides the best of both online education and experiential learning. Our mission is to provide students with high-quality information and proven tools for skill acquisition – everything needed to become a professional dog trainer. Through reading materials, customized video, interactive quizzes, personalized mentoring, and unmatched student support, we can help you reach your goal to become a professional dog trainer from anywhere in the world.

CATCH was at the forefront of the movement to online learning

CATCH Miami WorkshopWe saw it coming and jumped in, providing excellent education for remote learners years before Purdue Global University said in their summary on Traditional Classroom versus Online Education: “Online education is becoming a more appealing option for many students. While on-campus enrollment saw slight year-over-year declines from 2014 to 2016, online enrollments saw increases… The convenience and flexibility of online learning allows you to study any time, virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s an ideal solution for people with demanding work schedules and family obligations. In many situations, you can pause the content or go back to a portion to refresh your memory. This is incredibly helpful when you need to spend extra time on a challenging topic.”

Online learning courses have been on the increase steadily in the past decades. 

Recent research by Strada Education (2020) indicated that students who have experienced a disconnect with traditional education have particularly benefited from learning through the internet. Women especially have been more satisfied with the efficiency and ease of acquiring skills and knowledge through online learning. In the post-pandemic market, online education is expected to become even more popular, particularly among women aged 25-49 as they are often navigating work and family responsibilities in addition to working on educational goals. At CATCH, we have set up our program so that everyone can benefit from a great online education. Whether you are very busy, or have an opening in your life right now to study what you love, we are committed to helping students of all ages and demographics reach their professional dog training goals. We’re here to help you become busy making a living doing what you love!

What are the biggest factors of success of an online educational program? 

Successful students at CATCH are those who stay curious and continually learn by practicing the work with the dog(s) in their lives. We believe in igniting students to: 

  • dive deeply into understanding dog behavior
  • get fascinated by enhancing your communication with dogs
  • continue exploring topics of interest in this field for years after graduating from our program

In short, have fun exploring your passion and gaining skills by practicing what you love!

A great online school will have both great knowledge to share and a great experience for the student

Shepherd ConnectionAt CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, we pride ourselves in having the most relevant, up-to-date, effective, evidence-based dog training wisdom in our courses. In addition to time spent with a mentor and a beautiful set of printed materials and videos, your course of study at CATCH includes access to our online Student Center, filled with custom videos and interactive questions. Our course combines online dog trainer modules with traditional hands-on work, a blend that is very popular with our students. Every student has access to a program director who is an experienced professional dog trainer and who can answer questions and provide additional insight as students work through the course curricula. (Core Skills students can choose a program that is entirely self-directed if they wish.)

Today, even more great content and more videos than ever are available to CATCH students. 

Our student center being continuously available means you have access to your course materials 24 hours each day and 7 days a week. In addition to the practical exercises demonstrated on video, we will send you books to read and provide custom videos for you to watch in each phase of study. When you have questions, you’ll get answers from our support staff of experienced pro trainers.  You can also feel great knowing that the course content gets continuously updated. As new discoveries and methods become known in our field, you will have that information available to you in the Student Center, and in discussions with your personal program director.

Our world has become a knowledge-based economy, and that mastery of learning by technology is the new normal. 

An article by TeachOnline.CA noted that even before the current COVID-19 pandemic, “Today’s students grew up in a world where technology is a natural part of their environment. Their expectation is that technology is used whenever appropriate to help them learn, develop essential informational and technological literacy skills, and master the fluency necessary in their specific subject domain. This is one reason blended learning has grown in use across schools, colleges and universities….” At CATCH, our students have been experiencing the blended learning approach for years. We provide essential content through our student learning modules, called phases, with reading assignments and videos and then teach students how to apply these concepts in the real world through hands-on experience. In addition to self-directed exercises, we will connect you with a mentor trainer for shadowing an active professional and to get direct feedback from that mentor in your skills evaluations. 

The TeachOnline.CA article continues, saying “The development of… skills requires active learning in rich and complex environments, with plenty of opportunities to develop, apply, assess and practice such skills.” This is exactly what we at CATCH believe in. We set our students up to begin their educational journey with instant online access, but to continually expand on that by practicing their skills with feedback from professional trainers (and with “feedback” from the wonderful dogs that you’ll be working with).

The CATCH Professional Dog Trainers Course blends beautiful printed materials and videos with online learning, hands-on activities and personal mentorship to maximize the student experience and development of critical skills.

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