Your Dog Trainer’s Library

To become a dog trainer, you must learn from the many great dog trainers that have come before you!  That’s why CATCH provides you with a complete set of study materials that will make up Your Trainer’s Library for your studies, your dog training career, your life.

  • Your CATCH Guide to Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer (our renowned Study Guide)
  • The industry’s best books and step-by-step videos
  • Modern training equipment and supplies

Fantastic Features of Your Library

  • Your CATCH Guide to Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer : robust binder of knowledge, practice questions, and skill building activities.
  • The above study guide is an easy-to-follow handbook that leads you through your entire course in perfect order.
  • Selections from the best training books and videos in the world, including top recommendations by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
  • We provide both a digital and paper version of our study guide, in a durable glossy binder. Prefer to go totally paperless? Just request the green version of our curriculum.
  • Videos include step-by-step techniques for training basic manners and advanced behaviors.
  • Loaded with visual learning materials such as color photos of internationally recognized breeds and videos of dog social interactions so you can learn to identify communication signals.
  • All materials have been thoughtfully chosen to give you a step-by-step education where every skill builds on the one you gained before it.
  • Please note, the items shown above are not necessarily the exact materials included in every course. They are excellent examples of the authors, study materials, and equipment types that we draw from when selecting the top resources to enhance our programs. We select materials that teach you timeless and/or ground-breaking knowledge, so that your education is rooted in core fundamentals while also keeping you on the leading edge of the industry.
  • The library is yours to keep for your entire career. You will find it invaluable to have these amazing books as a guide when you work with new clients and cases every week.
  • Free Shipping! We send you all books and videos, plus training equipment, with no shipping fees.

The CATCH Library is Yours to Keep

This library is yours for the rest of your career! It is included with your course in addition to the CATCH Guide to Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer – all with Free Shipping.

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