Dog Trainer Career Paths

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –Confucius

Launch Your Successful Dog Training Career

Dog trainer careers: Mikaela the dog behavior counselor in NYC

Mikaela works as a Behavior Counselor at Biscuits & Bath in New York City.

At CATCH, our mission is to empower you with the skills to become a dog trainer who is ready to launch a successful business or career. When you graduate as a CTA Certified Dog Trainer, you will have completed the business and career-building phase of your program and will be ready to begin working with dogs professionally!

All courses prepare you to earn money with your skills. For Master Class graduates, you will get a consultation that is totally personal to your needs and includes one-on-one coaching by phone with one of our experienced dog trainers: your Program Director or our School Director. Students must always gain positions based on their own merits, but we have extensive knowledge of the industry and connections all over the country which will be invaluable to you.

David works with Kelly and Chrislyn on the best way to set up a training exercise for a long-distance recall with Gunner. Hint: reward with tug toy.

David works with Kelly and Chrislyn on the best way to set up a training exercise for a long-distance recall with Gunner. Hint: reward with tug toy.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for the many successful careers for dog trainers that professionals in the industry have followed. To learn their trade, CATCH students have the option of enrolling in a self-paced course with a mentor anywhere in the U.S., or joining a hands-on workshop on our campus. If both of these sound irresistible to you, we can offer you a learning experience that is a combination of both.

Choose the dog trainer career that works best for you:

  1. Start your own dog training business on a part-time or full-time basis.
  2. Be hired as a Dog Trainer for national franchises such as Petco, PetSmart, Dogtopia, Camp Bow Wow USA, or Best Friends Pet Care. These are just a few of the successful companies that are always looking for talented, Certified Dog Trainers.
  3. Be hired as a Dog Trainer at animal shelters, humane societies, and rescue organizations around the country.
  4. Be hired as a Dog Trainer in your local day care or dog training center.
  5. Add training services to increase your income for a dog business you already have in place.
  6. Further specialize in: service/assistance dogs, scent detection, therapy dogs, humane law enforcement, canine sports, TV/movie training, or more.

Graduate with Confidence

After completing the Professional Dog Trainer Course, your skill sets and credentials will make you a strong candidate for prospective clients and employers.

  • In the business and career-building phase we will teach you how to market yourself and your services.
  • careers for dog trainers: Patrick owns dog training company in NYC

    Patrick runs his own dog training company with private clients in Long Island and NYC.

    Whether you choose to start your own business or join a great organization, you’ll have the skills to provide many of the services that make dog trainers successful, including:

    • Private lessons
    • Group training classes
    • Board-and-train
    • Walk-and-train
    • Day-training
    • Behavior evaluations/temperament testing
    • Other creative services of your choosing

Student Support for Life

We are extremely proud of our graduates and are always here to support you.

After completion of your program, CATCH Academy will continue to be your home base for everything dog training. Keep in touch if you have any questions as your career develops.

You will receive our newsletter and have access to our interactive discussion groups. We’ll keep you up to speed on industry trends, training tips, and new techniques. You will also be the first to learn about any new, cutting edge modules that we, or our industry partners, launch to help advance your career and keep you in the know.

Flexible Options for Income

Whatever path you choose, as a CTA Certified Dog Trainer you will have the knowledge and skills to confidently move into the field of professional dog training. Many trainers choose to start with the option of keeping a full-time job with a part-time training business.

Dog trainer careers: Tamar works in a veterinary hospital outside of Philadelphia

Tamar leads the dog behavior and boarding departments for a veterinary hospital outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Others prefer to work at a couple of different training jobs, such as one at a shelter and one at a day care, plus gain additional income from their own business. These are all great options, and this is what’s wonderful about having an in-demand skill set that you can apply to your own business or to other organizations that need you.

The buzz is on about dog training and behavior experts! Clients and pet companies are seeking Certified Dog Trainers who have graduated with a professional education. Being certified by CATCH’s State-Approved School will set you apart.

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