Become a Certified Dog Trainer

Are you a serious dog lover who wants to learn serious training techniques?

Have you always had a connection with animals and wanted to work with them?

Loose-Leash Walking: certified dog trainer program skills

Loose-leash walking is one of many training skills you will learn.  Great job Erica and Nadia!

Us, too! CATCH Canine Trainers Academy has one goal: to teach you how to become a professional dog trainer who can launch a successful, fulfilling career working with dogs every day. Our Professional Dog Trainer Course offers a complete education that is based on the standards of the nationally respected Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the position statements of the leading organization in reward-based dog training, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Become a dog trainer program

Skilled students, proud instructors, and happy dogs. Mission accomplished.

From Core Skills to the Master Class to our hands-on workshops, our comprehensive curriculum includes 10 phases that cover everything from puppy development and obedience training to behavior solutions and successful career building.

The CATCH certified dog trainer program is designed as a unique, hands-on, distance learning course so you can become a Certified Dog Trainer from anywhere in the U.S. You can study self-paced in your own town, or join us for hands-on workshops on our campus – or do a combination of both. Either way, you will receive the benefits of hands-on training practice while being coached by a professional mentor.

Certified Dog Trainer Program Highlights:

  • Flexible, self-paced program allows you to study on your own time, in your own town
  • Tons of hands-on activities with dogs to build your training skills
Become a certified dog trainer – learn the Lie Down command for all dogs

Akila the Yorkie knows how to lie down on cue, and fast. Nice work, Mikaela.

  • Certified professional Mentor Trainers to guide and teach you, including our School Director, David Muriello, CPDT-KA. Read about The CATCH Difference to see how we ensure you’re always paired up with a top Mentor Trainer.
  • All courses are approved by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers for continuing education units.
  • Business and career building skills to ensure your success as a professional
  • Complimentary Job and Business Consultations for Master Class graduates. This is totally personal to your needs and includes one-on-one coaching by phone with one of our experienced dog trainers: your Program Director or our School Director.
  • Your own library of the best training books & videos in the world including the CATCH Study Guide
  • Student Support Team and your own Program Director, available via a toll free number, to help you in every phase from application to graduation
  • Certification, professional graduation certificate, and seal to showcase your credentials to your clients
  • Self-paced courses available with mentors anywhere in the U.S. or hands-on workshops on our campus – or choose to do a combination of both.

A Fascinating Learning Experience

Gulliver the Chocolate Lab is paying beautiful attention to his handler. Good boy!

Gulliver the Chocolate Lab is paying beautiful attention to, David, his handler. Good boy!

Your learning experience is designed to be fun, fascinating, and highly effective. As a CATCH Student, you will:

  • Engage with fascinating, step-by-step study materials including books, videos, photos, and sessions with your Mentor Trainer
  • Train along with easy-to-follow videos to learn techniques and build skills as you work with multiple dogs
  • Study social interactions with dogs in real situations to read dog behavior in real time
Jennifer teaches Kenai a beautiful Down-Stay, then begins to add distance.

Jennifer teaches Kenai a beautiful Down-Stay, then begins to add distance.

  • Join in “trainers talk” with professors and peers to practice expressing your ideas, learn from one another, and be part of our supportive community
  • Train and evaluate shelter dogs for an incredible opportunity to develop your skills while helping dogs in need
  • Show off your hands-on training and teaching skills to your Mentor Trainer to get professional feedback that will take your skills to the next level
  • Graduate from each phase with a new set of knowledge and skills, leading to completion of your final phase and certification from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy


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