Guiding Principles

Here are the 7 Guiding Principles that you will see throughout your CATCH Curriculum and in your experiences with our entire team. We believe these are the keys to your success and ours:

  1. Be Passionate – Love what you do, let it show.
  2. Be Caring – Help dogs, help people. Be empathic and non-judgmental.
  3. Get Hands-On with Dogs – Learning by doing is the most powerful way to develop your skills.
  4. Know Your Stuff – Study hard. Knowledge is power.
  5. Be Open-Minded – Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  6. Keep Learning – Continuous learning fuels inspiration, the key to personal and professional success.
  7. Deliver Great Customer Service (to people and dogs) – Great “customer care” comes naturally when you follow the principles above. Show your clients you care, and you will succeed.

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