20 Reasons You’ll Love Being a Dog Trainer

A list by dog trainers, for aspiring dog trainers!

“You’ll Love a Dog Trainer Career Because You…”

“Get paid to do what you love!”

    1. Work with dogs and puppies every day!
    2. Get paid to do something you love
    3. Can be your own boss
    4. Feel every day as different and exciting – new dogs, new people, new places, new behaviors to train
    5. Get to be a teacher that people respect and listen to
    6. Make a positive difference in the lives of dogs who need you
    7. Get amazing positive feedback from dog owners who love you
    8. Strengthen your bond with your own dogs to a new level
    9. Learn how to train your own dogs and your own puppies to become great dogs
    10. Can read and understand dog communication in real time
    11. Spend more time outside (instead of behind a desk!)
    12. Work on so many interesting behavior cases and know how to solve them
    13. Can advance into specialized fields like service dogs, scent work, therapy dogs, canine sports, humane law enforcement, TV/movie training and more.
    14. Can see and decode subtle dog body language signals you never knew were there
    15. Connect with all dogs on a deeper level than ever before
    16. Can teach a dog tricks that will amaze even yourself
    17. Gain insight into all of the fascinating dog breeds
    18. Can start your own business, part-time or full-time – earn more money
    19. Make your own schedule, take time off when you want
    20. Never again have to wonder if that weird person in the dog park knows what he’s talking about – you’ll know!

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