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The On-Campus Course at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

become a dog trainer

Nancy works the long line beautifully with Chocko.
“Thank you so much for having me in this class and allowing me to work with such amazing animals. I’d do it all over again if I could.”

  • Intensive 6-week, in-person program, on-site at a beautiful, modern training facility and shelter.
  • Hands-on training and behavior work where we provide many different dogs for you to hone your skills with.
  • You will be extensively coached and evaluated by expert trainers to earn your Certified Dog Trainer title
  • Limited to 12 total slots for a very intimate learning experience.

Get ready to eat, sleep, and breathe dogs. If you are looking for an in-depth learning experience alongside a world-class team of trainers, then the on-campus course is for you. As a graduate of this program, you will earn a Certified Dog Trainer title by completely immersing yourself in the world of training and behavior for six straight weeks. Like all CATCH courses, the on-campus program is state-licensed and approved.

Every week throughout the course we will be doing hands-on training work with a variety of dogs at the world-class St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. (Take a look at these videos to see samples of the work you will be doing and the difference it makes in the lives of the dogs.)

become a dog trainer school

Moose gets focused on Lisa and the training assignment (Lie Down) in the spacious ring at St. Hubert’s.
“The program was incredibly professionally run. I learned more than I ever dreamed I could/would. It was a fantastic experience working with the shelter and having access to those wonderful dogs each day.”

We’d like to welcome you to the world’s most fascinating classroom, where lead instructors David Muriello, CPDT-KA, CCDT (CATCH Founder and seven-year Director of Training for the biggest dog care business in New York City) and Pia Silvani CPDT-KA, CCBC (named one of the top 100 best and brightest people who changed the world of dogs by Bark Magazine) will guide you through the CATCH Master Class Curriculum in six weeks of intense skill-building and knowledge discovery. Upon graduation, you will earn your certification and be ready to make an impact on the dog world with an impressive skill set to put behind your passion.

Course Highlights

Instructor Pia Silvani has been a leader in our field for over 20 years. Here she demonstrates the classic Heel with her Belgian Tervuren, Lance.

Instructor Pia Silvani has been a leader in our field for over 20 years. Here she demonstrates the classic Heel with her Belgian Tervuren, Lance.

  • Hands-on classroom work with instructor coaching: You will have a front row seat for training demonstrations and personally work with many different dogs to hone your skills in training, handling, and behavior problem solving.
  • Modern, science-based training with positive reinforcement techniques that are used to quickly build reliable behaviors from basic to advanced obedience.
  • Extensive behavior study includes interpreting dog body language and developing behavior solutions. Students should be prepared to learn and apply critical thinking to a variety of solutions, and will study real-life situations that professional trainers commonly face.
  • Career and business building: Your studies will include direct training from the experts in how to launch your professional career and be successful in a trainer position or in your own dog business. This includes in-person coaching from Gina Phairas of dog*tec, the industry leaders in helping dog businesses succeed.
  • Each student will receive private consulting time with dog*tec and the invaluable Business Toolkit for Trainers which gives you ready-made lessons plans, contracts, checklists for your behavior consults, and a lot more. These tools will save you time and money while setting you up to be a true professional.


dog trainer career school

Like all CATCH courses, the 6-week on-campus program is designed to be an intensive, but supportive and fun learning experience that’s easy for everyone to love – the students, the instructors, and the dogs. Jennifer and Dougie are no exception!

  • Who: Each session of this course is limited to 12 students, making this an intimate and personalized learning experience. Aspiring trainers from all over the world are welcome.
  • Where: On-site at the brand new St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey (45 minutes from New York City). Housing opportunities, including student dorms with wifi, are available within 5 minutes of the classroom site.
  • When: The last two sessions are Sold Out/Graduated
    • Ask us about the waiting list or dates for upcoming 1-week intensive workshops
    • Looking to start right away? Ask us about specially priced packages to earn a certificate through pre-study in your hometown before your on-campus experience begins.
  • CEUs: continuing education units for certified trainers: CPDT-KA earns 30 CEUs; CPDT-KSA Skills: earns 30 CEUs

Key Topics of Study

CATCH Director, David Muriello, teaching at one of Petfinder/Petco Foundation's national education events for shelter workers. This is a training demonstration of Sit-with-Auto-Hold, starring Cosmo, an attentive shelter dog. Notice how he stays seated even without a command. Good boy!

CATCH Director, David Muriello, teaching at one of Petfinder/Petco Foundation’s national education events for shelter workers. This is a training demonstration of Sit-with-Auto-Hold, starring Cosmo, an attentive shelter dog. Notice how he stays seated even without a command. Good boy!

  • How to Speak Dog: Reading & Interpreting Dog Body Language
  • Breed Behavior: Understanding & Identifying the Breeds
  • Social & Behavioral Development from Puppyhood to Adulthood
  • Learning Theory, Classical & Operant Conditioning – When and How to Use
  • Hands-On Training: Building Basic & Advanced Obedience Behaviors from the Ground Up
  • Managing Dogs like a Pro: How to Handle the Leash and Your Body; Have Dogs and Clients See You as a Leader Who is In Control
  • Tools of the Trade: Safety and Equipment
  • Behavior Problem Solving: How to Help Owners with Issues from the Common to the Challenging
  • Lead Your Own Group Classes
  • Lead Your Own Private Lessons
  • The Shelter & Rescue World: Behavior Evaluations & Helping Dogs in Need
  • Launch Your Dog Training Career and Business


David Muriello and Pia Silvani

“David and Pia were extremely supportive and fun, bringing enthusiasm and humor to our work with the dogs. They set the tone for a classroom that was open and conducive to learning and always focused on the overall goal – teaching us to be the best we can be at dog training.”

  • Enrollment is currently limited to 12 students.
  • $8,350 includes all course materials and equipment needed. We will provide the dogs, the training demonstrations, the lectures, the course materials, and the coaching. Just bring your passion to learn!
  • Payment plans are available during the pre-enrollment period. Ask us for details.
  • Housing: Private dorm rooms are available with wireless internet, comfortable study lounges, and a shared kitchen for only $44 per night.

Student SupportOur Student Support Team is here to answer all your questions about this course or any of the self-paced programs you can complete in your own town. Call to ask us about details, payment plans and the Ready to Roll Discount or Fill out your Quick Application now.

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