When Students and Shelter Dogs Succeed, Our Hearts Sing

There’s Nothing Better than Teaching Great Students

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Whether they were naive puppies or savvy seniors, maniac mutts or powerful purebreds, the Class of Spring 2015 was excited to train, and we trained ’em all!

During the Spring session of the CATCH University for Dog Trainers (our 6-week on-campus course), Pia Silvani and I were reminded of all the reasons why we love teaching. There is something magical about sharing what you know with enthusiastic students. When you see them work hard to build their skills, and then turn around and use what they’ve learned to make a positive difference with shelter dogs, it is hugely rewarding for everyone.

Tears of joy were shed during graduation when we looked back on all that was accomplished and talked about the wonderful dogs we got to work with (many of which got adopted during the course). A huge thank you to the shelter staff at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center and the hard-working students themselves. Here are some video examples of the fine work they did.

Chocko at Risk of Never Getting Adopted Due to Poor Kennel Presentation (Before Training)

Chocko is Quiet and Friendly When His Kennel is Approached (After Training)


Hooper Can’t Stop Jumping on Everyone (Before Training)


Hooper Greets Politely (After Training)


Sparky Climbs on People (Before Training)

Sparky Sits to Greet (After Training)

If you are interested in taking your love for dogs to another level by learning professional skills, get in touch with us through the Quick App here. Our friendly Student Support team would love to hear about your questions and goals. You can also call or email: 877.752.2824 (877.75.CATCH) | studentsupport@catchdogtrainers.com

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  1. Leslie DeFusco says:

    AWESOME WORK CATCH students! Cool program David~ way to think out of the box as always!!!
    Well Done!!!

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