Body Language, Behavior, and Problem Solving Skills Workshop

Dive Deep into Canine Behavior, Hands-On with Shelter Dogs & Pro Coaches

“This last week was amazing. Being surrounded by a terrific group of people and getting your direction and guidance, I came home eager to apply myself to finding a job working with dogs right away. I have been impacted tremendously. A huge applaud to you and St. Hubert’s for changing one life, one paw, one dream at a time! THANK YOU!”  – Heather D., Fall 2016 Graduate

This workshop is ideal for dog lovers and industry pros who want to experience hands-on study of dog behavior from learning to “speak dog” to planning and practicing behavior solutions with the shelter dogs!

Highlights include:

  • Laurie gets applause all around for a great week of skill building and earning her certificate.

    Laurie gets applause all around for a great week of skill building and earning her certificate.

    Observing dog behavior with a keen eye for details and then being able to: interpret what you see, analyze behavior, and make effective predictions. Facial expressions, body movement, intentions and emotions will all be covered.

  • Handling dogs on and off leash (play groups) while making fast decisions based on the behaviors you are seeing. We will study dog-to-dog behavior from greetings to off-leash interactions. We will run play groups where you learn how to tell the difference between play and conflict and become a better handler, making good decisions for safety and progressive socialization.
  • Understanding how dogs interpret human body language (yours), and learning how to move like a professional handler with both confident and fearful dogs. This makes a huge difference in both safety and effective leadership with dogs and clients alike.
  • Taking a professional and systematic approach to behavior problem solving. How to look at all factors that could be considered causes or triggers, how to apply management, how to apply behavior modification.
  • Writing behavior problem solving plans for actual cases in the shelter. Hands-on application of your plan with follow-through on management and behavior modification techniques.
  • Understanding when and how you will want to use associative learning and behavior-consequence learning as part of your plan, all using force-free, reward based methodology.

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