On-Campus Testimonials

CATCH On-Campus programs are designed to be productive, valuable, and fascinating experiences for everyone involved, including the dogs we get to work with each day. Take a look at what our graduates have to say about their learning experience with CATCH instructors at our Dog Trainer Workshops.

Lisa S.

Lisa teaching Gillie how to "spin" while Pia Silvani coaches.

Lisa teaching Gillie how to “spin” while Pia Silvani coaches.

The program was incredibly professionally run. I learned more than I ever dreamed I could/would. I would absolutely recommend the CATCH On-Campus Course to a friend. I’d give it a 10 for sure!!! The materials were comprehensive, clear, informative and interesting. The readings were well aligned with the in-class work and generally very interesting. David is a truly terrific teacher with a knack for making it fun but serious.

I so appreciated his time management as well. It was a fantastic experience working in conjunction with the shelter and having access to those wonderful dogs each day. Pia’s contributions were amazing as well. Watching her do a live consultation and having her work so closely with us and the dogs was fantastic. The two instructors really complimented one another both in style, experience they brought to the table and personality.

I really cannot say enough about why this program was one I would recommend wholeheartedly and without hesitation! I am honored to have been a part of the first ever! Thank you.”

Chrislyn collaborating with David Muriello on a training plan for Gunner.

Chrislyn collaborating with David Muriello on a training plan for Gunner. He is excited to start working!

Chrislyn R.

“This program was the best experience I’ve had. I knew nothing about dogs when I first came. I’ve never even been to a shelter, and now I know everything I need to know to start my life. 10 all the way! I really enjoyed when the St. Hubert’s staff came in to talk to us about shelter life. Mainly because it’s what I want to start doing. They were very clear and answered all my questions. I can’t wait to start! Again thank you so much for having me in your class and allowing me to work with such amazing animals. I’d do it all over again if I could.

Greg posing with Burke, one of the many shelter dogs he helped to train while attending CATCH On-Campus at St. Hubert's.

Greg posing with Burke, one of the many shelter dogs he helped to train while attending CATCH On-Campus at St. Hubert’s.

Greg S.

“I don’t know where to start! Between David, Ferdie and Pia’s lectures and mentoring, on top of the impeccable curriculum, hands-on experience with dogs, exposure to the shelter world, and business planning with DogTec, the On-Campus Course covered so many essential parts of this industry.

I graduated with the know-how to do SO MUCH thanks to CATCH! It was so awesome to share this experience with classmates and watch as they and I “grew into” professional dog trainers throughout the weeks who were unashamedly DOG CRAZY and passionate about this career.

St.Hubert’s is amazing! They really helped me learn about the shelter world and gave me some great ideas on how to help. Their staff was extremely helpful and it was easy to “click” with them as they all, of course, share a love of animals! I also know the right questions to ask thanks to St. Hubert’s – paired with the knowledge from CATCH’s curriculum on top of it, I learned a TON about shelters.”

Nancy doing a beautiful job with Chocko on the long line.

Nancy doing a beautiful job with Chocko on the long line.

Nancy S.

“The program was well planned, written and executed. The course covered all aspects relevant to dog training and builds a solid base of knowledge to begin a career in dog training with. The dog*tec presentation was very thorough and worthwhile. Both St. Hubert’s presentations were very informative, and Becky’s presentation on enrichment for the shelter animals was very worthwhile.”

Darcy having fun and getting great results with one of the shelter dogs at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center.

Darcy having fun and getting great results with Sage, one of the shelter dogs at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center.

Darcy L.

“I knew the CATCH On-Campus course was going to be great, but it exceeded my expectations. David, Pia and Ferdie were fantastic instructors. I don’t believe you can get an education like this anywhere else.

Yes, it was a lot of hard work, but they always made it fun. Working with the St. Hubert shelter dogs was fantastic. We were so fortunate to have such a great environment to work in. The other students were all so dedicated, and I enjoyed partnering with all of them. I miss everyone, the people and the dogs!”

Jennifer and Pia Silvani working hands-on with the shelter dogs at St. Hubert's.

Jennifer and Pia Silvani studying body language during dog-to-dog greetings. We work hands-on with the shelter dogs every day.

Jennifer H.

Having both David Muriello and Pia Silvani to directly guide me through the reading and hands-on training and provide on-going support and encouragement was an opportunity of a lifetime.

I benefited a great deal from the student support at CATCH and the support from the other students in the course. It was a great team of students from various states bringing together their prior knowledge and experiences. This was so helpful to me for peer support and coaching during training.

I would highly recommend CATCH On-Campus for the experience of having an amazing lead teacher – David is the whole package! He brings a wealth of knowledge, firsthand experience, and business experience, and he is so professional, kind and respectful to others. David and Pia were extremely supportive and fun, and they brought enthusiasm and humor to our work with the dogs. They both set the tone for a classroom that was open and conducive to learning and they always focused on the overall goal – teaching us to be the best we can be at dog training! The shelter experience was like no other. CATCH students were welcomed with “open arms” and an access pass to various shelter dogs including those in the ASPCA project. We trained dogs that went on to be adopted!

The shelter presentations by the St. Hubert’s staff were an eye opener for sure! I feel that I will end up working with a good portion of shelter dogs and crossing paths directly with dog shelters. It has already proven extremely helpful in my recent work with a known dog shelter in Jersey City, NJ. The shelter staff seem impressed by my training, the instructor I had, my place of study, my knowledge of shelter work including the assessment procedure(s), and they seemed impressed by my handling skills of shelter dogs.

I feel confident about my knowledge and skills. Within weeks of graduation I was offered a management position at a local doggie day care. Recently I accepted an internship at a well-known dog shelter. I am part of the shelter behavioral team doing behavioral assessments and training for the shelter dogs. These opportunities have endless possibilities, starting with compiling hours for the CPDT application and a place to further strengthen my skills. My business plan is coming together and I’m looking forward to welcoming clients this Fall season!”

Tracie working with one of the many shelter dogs that benefited from being trained by CATCH students.

Tracie teaching a recall to Barbara (Babs), another wonderful shelter dog that benefited from being trained by CATCH students.

Tracie K.

“The curriculum was very good, training shelter dogs was very rewarding, we got varied experiences with many different dogs and situations. Pia and David (and Gillie and Gwynnie!) were fantastic. It was an all around great learning and life experience.

I feel like I definitely benefited from the dog*tec presentation, and I’m looking forward to the counseling. The presenter, Gina, was very knowledgeable and presented well. I also really enjoyed all the St. Hubert’s presentations and talking to any of the shelter staff.”

Kasey posing with one of her student dogs while at CATCH University at St. Hubert's.

Kasey posing with Maggie, one of her favorites out of all the student dogs she trained at the CATCH On-Campus Course.

Kasey L.

“10!!! I’ve been advocating CATCH whenever someone asks about dog training schools on groups on Facebook and in person! Excellent instructors, well-rounded curriculum, science-based learning, giving the new trainer education on ALL aspects of training and usage of many behavior modification options.

The experience and thoughtfulness of the instructors and being able to work with the dogs every day and take what we read about and put into action right away was incredible. Also, having the on-campus training at St. Hubert’s and the ASPCA program gave us invaluable experiences. Also — I loved that you made us think. I think a lot of expectations from the class was that they were going to come to school, find THE way to do things and copy it. What you wanted us to know is that there are lots of methods and ways to do things and we need to have them all in our toolbox and customize for each dog. You made us think on our feet.

I found the time management, marketing ideas, and the dog*tec business tools CD invaluable. 

Rescue work is right up my alley. I am not a cryer or very emotional but when Becky started to get emotional during her talk because of her gratefulness of us being there, I had to wipe a tear from my ear and swallow a big lump in my throat. So many of the things in place at St. Hubert’s I want to replicate in my organization and those that I work with. I loved loved loved being at St. Hubert’s and working with the staff and the dogs.”

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