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Congratulations to Our Students & Mentors

Earning Certifications, Getting Hired, There’s A Lot to Be Excited About! We want to send out a big congratulations and a Thank You to so many of the students and mentors who have shared great stories with us so far … Continue reading

How Do I Change a Dog’s Behavior – Part 2

Behavior Problem-Solving 101 (continued) Last month we began discussing the art and science of training a dog to change their actions (behavior modification). If you haven’t read the first part of this article yet, or want a review, check it … Continue reading

Announcing Discounts for dog*tec Students and Graduates

Industry Leaders Teaming Up Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with dog*tec to arrange generous discounts for students and graduates of any dog*tec program. If you’re interested in learning modern, professional training techniques that will add fascinating work and additional income … Continue reading

Build a Thriving Dog Business

Announcing dog*tec Discounts We’re excited to announce another great advantage for CATCH students! We’ve teamed up with dog*tec, the industry’s leading business support company, to arrange generous discounts – just for CATCH enrollees and grads. When it’s time to start your business, … Continue reading

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