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Advanced Behavior So Simple Even a 3-Month Old Can Learn It

Some of the most useful manners can be built from simple training techniques. In this video, we’ll show you a few snippets of Hazel and Lido displaying self-control and having fun doing it. Hazel is 10 years old and Lido … Continue reading

You CAN Get Focused Attention Around Distractions

4 Quick Tips for Connection Outdoors Check out Lido, the new pup of David, our School Director.  At the age of 3 months, he is already doing great with looking at temptations (like this squirrel) and then looking back at … Continue reading

The One Thing I Don’t Love About Puppy Push-Ups

Pro Trainer Tip:  Don’t Train a Guessing Dog “Puppy push-ups” are a popular exercise that started way back in the first positive puppy classes taught by Dr. Ian Dunbar in the 1980’s.  The puppy push-up is a clever and effective … Continue reading

3 of the Simplest, Smartest Puppy Training Tips

Super Valuable Puppy Training From the moment you take a puppy home, everything you do is a learning experience that shapes future behavior. Avoid the common mistakes and make a big difference with these tips: 1) Put the pup’s overnight … Continue reading

Backchaining: Train the Last Behavior First

Recall – Break it Down Backchaining is a very smart technique that you can use for training a variety of more complex behaviors. If you are new to the concept, backchaining is when you teach the last behavior in a … Continue reading

Getting to Know a New Dog

Quick Hands-On Evaluations As a trainer, when you work with a dog for the first time, there are some key pieces of information that you want to get “directly from the dog”. It’s like an interview where you’re “asking” the … Continue reading

Don’t Judge a Dog by its Looks

Adopt Smarter When looking to adopt a dog, it’s important not to “judge a book by its cover”. Don’t let a dog’s looks or breed stereotypes influence your decision. Adopt smarter by getting to know the dog’s personality first. Meet … Continue reading

Take Great (but Quick) Notes on Your Training Sessions

Pro Tips For Pro Trainers CATCH School Director, David Muriello, shares a smart tip for new and established trainers: Whether you’re working on a team (ex., in a shelter) or as an individual with clients, the more dogs and people … Continue reading

Petting Dogs the Right Way

No Granny Hair Ruffle! Believe it or not, there IS a wrong way to pet dogs – especially during training sessions. As dog lovers, we are known for exuding enthusiasm when we interact with our four-legged friends. But, often in … Continue reading

Get Training Results in Every Setting

Do You Have the Priority Motivators? In this video, CATCH School Director, David Muriello, shows you the key to getting training results in difficult settings. It’s a common mistake to bring a dog into a distracting situation and then “fight … Continue reading

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