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Fetching Frames: Use Positive Reinforcement to Turn Dog Photos into Works of Art

Taking great photos of your beloved dog can be a delightful way to capture their personality and create lasting memories. However, it’s no secret that getting dogs to pose for the camera can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where positive … Continue reading

Make Your Own Awesome Tug Toy

Fleece Navidad? With the holidays coming up, maybe you want to make your dog an extra special gift with your own hands? And hey, if you make more than one, you could turn it into a donation for shelter dogs… … Continue reading

Recall Games to Start Up Your Pups – Come When Called!

Puppy Connection – Make it Fun – Spark the Recall! Recall games are a really smart way to teach impressionable puppies that following you and checking in with you are rewarding.  If you build these behavior patterns in young dogs, … Continue reading

What REALLY Makes Puppies Special – Part 2

The 7 Most Important Things to Teach a Young Puppy In last month’s article, we covered 4 out of the 7 most important things to work on with a young puppy: socialization, separation, handling, and comfort with sharing. Today, let’s … Continue reading

The Reward of Training Shelter Dogs

Students Gain Training Skills, Dogs Get Life Skills: Win-Win! We worked with so many amazing dogs during the most recent sessions of the CATCH Hands-On Programs at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. Some needed new social skills, some needed manners, and they all needed … Continue reading

When Students and Shelter Dogs Succeed, Our Hearts Sing

There’s Nothing Better than Teaching Great Students During the Spring session of the CATCH University for Dog Trainers (our 6-week on-campus course), Pia Silvani and I were reminded of all the reasons why we love teaching. There is something magical about … Continue reading

Biting Puppies – How Do You Stop Them?

Are You Rewarding Biting (by accident)? Anyone who has ever raised a puppy has experienced the bite marks and torn sleeves that little snapping jaws leave in their wake. Pups of every shape, size and breed will bite at your hands, clothing, … Continue reading

Doggie Bag Do’s and Don’ts

Every dog owner loves to gift their pet with a special treat because it shows appreciation and love for the adoration and joy they give us.  But did you know that your leftovers from dinner out could be harmful and even … Continue reading

My Dog Made me Exercise

In her article about walking with dogs, Taya Florez follows the research of Assistant Professor of Nursing, Elizabeth Richards, in conjunction with Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior, Niwako Ogata, both of Purdue University. Their research is complimentary because they both … Continue reading

Good Times Your Dog Won’t Want to Miss

Whipping Up Biscuits Cooking up training skills isn’t the only fun thing we do around here. Want to give an awesome gift to your dog, or to a dog lover you adore? These homemade biscuits can be whipped up with … Continue reading

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