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Click and Shipped Puppy Stories

These two stories illustrate the points made in our last post about why it is risky to purchase a dog sight unseen… Are You Hearing Me? A couple of years ago in NYC, I met a new client with a … Continue reading

Does My Dog Respect Me?

How did you do on our quiz, “Does My Dog Respect Me?”  If you scored high on this quiz (and your dog is a happy hound that doesn’t fear you), congratulations. You are a good leader and probably have a wonderful … Continue reading

Off-Leash Joy

There are few things better than hiking with your dog. Recipe: Drop dog in woods.  Walk.  Experience dog’s contagious joy.

Do You Trust Your Dog Off Leash?

Scientific Training Concepts Made Simple Note for aspiring dog trainers: The below article by CATCH was originally written for NYC Central Park’s eBarker Magazine.  As you read it, note the use of many key “learning theory” concepts, such as reinforcement … Continue reading

Why Does My Dog Ignore Me?

Why do some dogs ignore their owners daily… but then seem to bond with a skilled dog trainer in seconds, and listen attentively to that trainer forever? Hint: It’s a matter of repetition, but not the kind you might think. Repetition … Continue reading

Would You Let Your Dog Play with a Wild Bear?

Is this fun – or a path to doggy death? Check out this video from – then we’ll talk about body language. What is the first thing you notice that shows there is no conflict in this encounter between … Continue reading

Puppy Magic – from Petrified to Playmania

Social Butterflies Most dog trainers would agree one of the most satisfying sights in a puppy kindergarten class is seeing shy dogs gradually gain confidence each week until they finally burst out and play like maniacs with the other pups. … Continue reading

A Rare Mexican Village Where the Training is Garbage

It’s sunny, hot, dry, and dusty.  Toxic air burns your nose and throat.  Some people here are scary and don’t want you around.  But this place is too fascinating to leave.  You squint your eyes and survey the scene.  1,000 … Continue reading

Your Dog Reveals Your Character (and Affects Your Love Life)

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” –Mahatma Ghandi (1869 – 1948) One of my dearest female friends must have had this quote in mind when she called … Continue reading

Gone in a Flash

It was late in the evening. Middle of summer.  Weeknight.  Thunderstorms pounded outside.  I just got in from teaching classes, exhausted from a full day of running around the city.  No one else was home.  Finally, time to chill for … Continue reading

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