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Meet more of the excellent professional dog trainers who have launched careers after studying with CATCH and our renowned curriculum.

Christina impressed her mentor so much that she was invited to join the team!

Christina Evans, CCDT

Trainer, CNY Pet Training, Onondaga County, New York

Trainer and Pit Bull Advocate:

Christina has volunteered with Cuse Pit Crew, a local animal advocacy group, for the past 4 years where she was part of a shelter team, helping to socialize and promote the adoption of homeless pit bulls at Humane CNY. She currently serves as the Cuse Pit Crew’s Humane Education Coordinator, a program that sends educators into local schools to teach children about bite prevention and the ethical treatment of animals.

Heidi is making a real difference in the lives of shelter dogs.

Heidi is making a real difference in the lives of shelter dogs.

Heidi Rips Rowland, CCDT

Owner, Great Companion Dog Training, Pensacola, FL

Update after graduation:

I just wanted to send some updates on my work now. Since I am volunteering at the Humane Society as a dog trainer, most of my private lessons are coming through them. Many customers have told me that they have wasted a lot of money to get rid of aggression issues, but they haven’t gotten any help. When I worked with their dogs and showed them how to manage their problems, they got help instantly. All my group classes are full now and every time I come back from a client or group class, I feel soooo good, and I know that I am doing something that I really enjoy 🙂 Thank you again so much for your educational program. Without it, I would never have had that kind of knowledge!!

Brandi Jo brings her training skills to the great outdoors in Colorado.

Brandi Jo brings her training skills to the great outdoors in Colorado.

Brandi Jo Schoenthaler, CCDT

Owner, Cornerstone Dog Training, Aspen,CO

My learning experience:

My learning experiences have been revolutionary in the way I look at all our canine friends. I love how I am able to better understand canine behavior and interactions. It brings on a new level of satisfaction being around dogs.

What I’ve gained:

I have received many compliments about my skills and knowledge I have gained from CATCH. I am fortunate to have a great mentor as well that has led me to a place where I feel confident in my progress and looking forward to more learning experiences!

Lindsay's beautiful dogs, Ty and Roxie, in the studio.

Lindsay’s beautiful dogs, Ty and Roxie, in the studio.

Lindsay Widdall, CCDT

Owner, Live Happy Studio, Sanford, FL

The best thing about working with dogs:

I just love being around them, my philosophy on life is that it is there to enjoy, and you should do what makes you happy. Working with dogs makes me happy, and that’s why I do it.

On running my own business:

I am a pet photographer and people are amazed by the kind of pictures we can produce because we have such a good handle on their dog. Its amazing also how many requests I get for training from these clients!

On my studies:

Big thanks to everyone at CATCH. It was awesome. Your program is awesome. The people are awesome. Now it’s time for me to make dogs more awesome.

It's time for Spaniel line up at JD Kennels!

It’s time for Spaniel line up at JD Kennels!

Jane Doty, CCDT

OwnerJD Kennels, Cedarville, MI

On working with dogs:

I enjoy every opportunity to meet and get to know a new dog. Each one has his/her own story, and they try so hard to communicate it to me. My favorite part of working with dogs is being able to “talk dog”. Thank you for teaching me to read their language so I am able to understand.

On using reward-based training:

Dogs need compassion and kindness just as well as humans do. Most dogs are misunderstood but given the chance they will quickly respond and obey to get the love they so deserve. 🙂

Ferdie teaching manners to Kayla the Husky-Shepherd mix and Scout the Terrier mix.

Ferdie teaching manners to Kayla the Husky-Shepherd mix and Scout the Terrier mix.

Ferdie Yau, CPDT-KA

Owner, Sits & Wiggles Dog Training, New York City

On running my own business:

I work for the City of New York as an ecologist on the Bronx River, but in the evenings and weekends I run my own dog training business. I have private lessons in my clients’ homes or in a nearby park to practice in the real world. I help clients with everything from raising a new puppy to modifying aggressive behaviors. My dog training business is expanding which is very exciting.

On studying in David’s training programs:

My experience with David really helped me become more confident as a professional dog trainer. He taught me how to work with people and listen to their issues. He taught me how to think critically about the way I was coaching my clients and helping them achieve their goals. I learned that it is important to show clients how progress is best accomplished in small steps rather than pushing a dog too hard. In addition, David taught me many great exercises to teach clients that are a foundation of any basic manners/obedience training program.

I think David is a great communicator. His advice was always helpful and he is one of the most positive people I have ever worked with. I have a lot of respect for his professionalism and the passion that he has for his work.

Patti with Bella, Blue, and Odie

Patti with Bella, Blue, and Odie

Patti Schwartz, Basics Pro Graduate

Owner, Peaceful Paws Training, State College, PA

My favorite part of working with dogs:

EVERYTHING! Dogs are fascinating beings. It’s the reason why I became a trainer. But I’d have to say my absolute favorite part is the aha moment – you know, that split second when the dog gets it and learning begins. It’s the ultimate reward.

One of the most important lessons I learned in my studies:

Learning cannot take place without motivation. It not only holds true for the dog you are working with but for your client as well. Without motivation your student dog isn’t going to perform the behaviors and your client most likely isn’t going to practice on their own. So the more you can be in control of what motivates the two the better your student’s and client’s odds are of succeeding. For me this means keeping training sessions interesting and fun for everyone involved.

Lainie and her rescue dog, Buddy.

Lainie and her rescue dog, Buddy.

Lainie Johnston, CCDT

Owner, Pawsitive Pup Training, Wilmington, NC

A “Pawsitive” relationship with your dog:

At the end of the day when you think about it, pets are no different than people. We’re just talking about treating our pets the same way we would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. You can be scolded and forced into doing something, but it’s a much better overall relationship to be treated with respect and love while being rewarded during the learning and training process. The result is a much better bond with your pet and a much more “Pawsitive” overall experience.

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