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Our students always impress us with the passionate enthusiasm they bring to their studies, and that they continue to carry with them to make a positive impact on the dog training world.

Ann with her adorable 16-week old client, Riley.

Ann with her adorable 16-week old client, Riley.

Ann Lewis, CCDT, CPDT-KA

Owner, Pups 2 Pooches, Peachtree Corners, GA

Ann’s Favorite Part of Working with Dogs:

The “ah-ha” moment when their eyes light up and they “get” what it is you are trying to teach them. I teach children as well as dogs and I find that this is also my favorite part of teaching young kids. Dogs and kids both have a tendency to really want to work and learn once they grasp what it is you are trying to teach them and why. They get excited about it.

Since Graduating from CATCH:

Since graduating from CATCH, I have studied for and passed the CPDT-KA exam so I am now fully certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. I have also been able to participate in 2 amazing John Rogerson workshops here in Atlanta: From Bad Rap to Bully-licious: Saving Shelter Bullys by Teaching Irresistible Skills and GET A GRIP: Creative Strategies For Handling Reactive Dogs. Both workshops were hosted at my mentor trainer’s facility, Canine PhD.

Lindsay's beautiful dogs, Ty and Roxie, in the studio.

Lindsay’s beautiful dogs, Ty and Roxie, in the studio.

Lindsay Widdall, CCDT

Owner, Live Happy Studio, Sanford, FL

The Best Thing About Working with Dogs:

I just love being around them, my philosophy on life is that it is there to enjoy, and you should do what makes you happy. Working with dogs makes me happy, and that’s why I do it.

On Running my Own Business:

I am a pet photographer and people are amazed by the kind of pictures we can produce because we have such a good handle on their dog. Its amazing also how many requests I get for training from these clients!

On My Studies:

Big thanks to everyone at CATCH. It was awesome. Your program is awesome. The people are awesome. Now it’s time for me to make dogs more awesome.

It's time for Spaniel line up at JD Kennels!

It’s time for Spaniel line up at JD Kennels!

Jane Doty, CCDT

OwnerJD Kennels, Cedarville, MI

On Working with Dogs:

I enjoy every opportunity to meet and get to know a new dog. Each one has his/her own story, and they try so hard to communicate it to me. My favorite part of working with dogs is being able to “talk dog”. Thank you for teaching me to read their language so I am able to understand.

On Using Reward-Based Training:

Dogs need compassion and kindness just as well as humans do. Most dogs are misunderstood but given the chance they will quickly respond and obey to get the love they so deserve. 🙂

Saranique & Zed, her deaf Boston Terrier.

Saranique & Zed, her deaf Boston Terrier.

Saranique Schwartz, Master Class Student

Owner, Très Chien, Concord, CA

Growing up with Dogs:

I was raised working with and handling dogs of all types, so thinking on my feet and my ability to change direction quickly when handling a dog is truly second nature. I work hard to maintain a beginner’s mind, recognizing that every dog I’ve worked with so far has taught me something new and essential. The ability to read body language is an important part of working with creatures that cannot speak. Because I was raised doing this work, my ability to read a dog based on its ears, tail set, body posture and facial tension comes naturally.

Erin with one of her many canine students.

Erin with one of her many canine students.

Erin Marconi, Training & Behavior Combo Graduate

OwnerFour Leaf K9 Training, Streator, IL

Making a Difference:

There is so much to learn about animal behavior. Its really endless. I just wanted to help avoid as many dogs as I can from ending up euthanized or placed in shelters due to behavioral issues. There is so much that can be avoided if you start as soon as you bring home a new pup or dog! I see so many behavior problems due to lack of exercise and socialization. I watch dogs’ behavior change so fast after starting my programs and makes me so proud of what I am doing for people and their beloved dogs.

Phillip and Pumpkin

Phillip and Pumpkin

Phillip Sutton, CCDT

OwnerWags of Love, Canton, OH

On Learning the Material:

I love all the hands on. It is the way I learn best, but the reading and practice questions really made me think. I really like the way I have to answer in my own words so you know if I got the idea or not. Everybody has their own interpretations, and this way you now if I caught the idea correctly. This is a great program!

Natalie aims to “specialize in K9 police dog training.”

Natalie Bracht, Master Class Student

Training ApprenticeTucker Pup’s Pet Resort, Chicago, IL

Training Philosophy:

I have always had an interest in the way dogs think and behave. I believe that it is important to have an understanding between dog and owner to create harmony in the home. I also strongly believe in positive reinforcement training tactics, and strive to teach others how to apply it.

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