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We love to see our students making a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners by utilizing modern, science-based, positive reinforcement training methods.

Heidi is making a real difference in the lives of shelter dogs.

Heidi is making a real difference in the lives of shelter dogs.

Heidi Rips Rowland, CCDT

Owner, Great Companion Dog Training, Pensacola, FL

Update after graduation:

I just wanted to send some updates on my work now. Since I am volunteering at the Humane Society as a dog trainer, most of my private lessons are coming through them. Many customers have told me that they have wasted a lot of money to get rid of aggression issues, but they haven’t gotten any help. When I worked with their dogs and showed them how to manage their problems, they got help instantly. All my group classes are full now and every time I come back from a client or group class, I feel soooo good, and I know that I am doing something that I really enjoy 🙂 Thank you again so much for your educational program. Without it, I would never have had that kind of knowledge!!

Gina Chang

Gina is a hard-working student, who is loved by her clients!

Gina Chang, Basics Pro Student

Owner, Coastside Canine, Half Moon Bay, CA

Starting early:

Dogs can learn new tricks at any age. In fact, the earlier the better, it’s never too early to start developing good basic manners. As your puppy gets a little older, you can add to its growing set of skills.

Training philosophy:

At Coastside Canine, we utilize effective, science-based, positive reinforcement techniques that help your dog learn and make it easy for you to maintain the new behaviors over time. Our unique approach to training turns lessons into games, making it fun for both humans and their canine pals.

Kristy with her gorgeous Yellow Labs

Kristy with her gorgeous Yellow Labs

Kristy Houck, CCDT

OwnerConsistent Canine, Jefferson, MD

Kristy’s achievements:

Through her work as the owner of Beyond Barks, a pet sitting company, Kristy saw a need within her clients for guidance with training and behavior modification. This need launched a drive within her and she enrolled with CATCH Canine Academy and graduated in 2015. Subsequently, she started her dog training company, Consistent Canine. Kristy’s primary focus is on training pet dogs. Additionally, she has mentored with a service dog trainer for many years. In 2017 Kristy trained and placed her first mobility assistance and cardiac alert service dog.

Anita Anderson

Anita surrounded by some very happy customers!

Anita Anderson, Basics Pro Graduate

Owner, Anita’s Loving Pet Services, Lomita, CA

Benefits of play:

Play provides exercise for both, bonding for both, and teaches dogs training is fun, and it’s a great motivator and reward. It releases good feeling endorphines, increases oxygen to the brain enabling learning to happen more effectively, and it reduces stress for both parties.

Rich and his best friend and rescue dog, Poni.

Rich and his best friend and rescue dog, Poni.

Rich Balest, CCDT

Owner, Restless Rover, Bedford Hills, NY

On repetition:

Why I chose CATCH:

Having adopted 2 stray adult German Shepherd Dogs that had behavioral issues and having read several dog training books, I was looking for a challenging program that was comprehensive in both the understanding of canine behavior and the methods used to modify undesirable behavior. The CATCH program definitely meets these objectives.

Adriana with her adopted Maltese, Rosie.

Adriana with her adopted Maltese, Rosie.

Adriana Jerez, CCDT, CPDT-KA

Owner, Loving Paws Dog Training, Charlotte, NC

About my CATCH experience:

What I have liked most about my experience with CATCH has actually been something that I only began to truly experience after my graduation. Multiple dog-training and shelter-management professionals with whom I have worked have said to me that I am one of the best-prepared graduates of an online dog-training course that they have seen. Without fail, when I tell them which school I graduated from, they say something along the lines of “Ah, that makes sense. I’ve worked with a couple of CATCH graduates and they are always excellent.” What I value most from these interactions is that I never need to boast about my credentials. When clients and other professionals work with me, they see the value of my education and they want to know where I got it from – CATCH! Now, with my content-based business Loving Paws Dog Training, I am spreading the word to dog owners about kind and effective training methods.

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