Even More Success Stories

At CATCH, we are proud to help our dog training students embark on professional careers. Meet some more of our successful CATCH students and graduates.

Jane enjoys walks and hikes with her dogs, volunteering time with shelter dogs, and continued studies of dog behavior and training.

Jane Tobler, CCDT

Owner, Love Your Dog, Eagle County, CO

Relationship-Based Training:

Jane is a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals and uses these methods as a foundation in working with animals. She is also a Certified Dog Trainer with an education in obedience training and behavior consultation. Jane is dedicated to using force-free, fear-free approaches in working with dogs. Her training is relationship based, with an emphasis on understanding canine language. Jane’s passion for and devotion to animals has been with her all her life. Through her life she has enjoyed training her own dogs and helping with her friend’s dogs, but in 2007 she began studying canine behavior and training on a much more serious note when Wyatt, a very special dog, came home to live with her.

LECA is “driven by passion” with the goal to “help dogs thrive every single day they are with us.”

Tomoko Ota, CCDT

Director of Facility Operations, LECA, Woodland Park, NJ

Fear-Free Training:

Tomoko has 1.5 years of professional dog training experience and received her certification from CATCH in 2020. Prior training, Tomoko spent 9 years as a groomer with a fear-free certification.

Bryony is committed to always advancing her educations and skills and is committed to providing the most effective methods of training and behavior modification to her clients.

Bryony Aviles, Basics Pro Graduate, CPDT-KA

Owner, Sandy Paws Dog Training, Guilford, CT

Making a Difference:

In addition to her professional credentials, Bryony is committed to helping abandoned and rescued animals. She has volunteered extensively with animal rescues and shelters, including in New York and Colorado, and now in Connecticut through the East Haven Animal Shelter, Connecticut Humane Society and Branford’s Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter. Most recently, she has become a trainer for the CT-based, Homeward Bound rescue group.

Dani prioritizes knowledge and safety for every member of her team. High-fives for a job well done!

Dani Pedraza, CCDT

Co-Owner, The Big City Woof Walker, Chicago, IL

Experience and Reliability:

With several years of professional dog walking and training experience under their belt, Dani and her business partner were motivated to create a team of Pet Experts, and curated a rigorous “Dog Walker Training Program” for their team to ensure that all pets were being cared for in a safe and reliable manner by every Big City Woof Pet Professional. It is their priority to focus on the safety of pets and security for clients. Big City Woof’s new “Chicago: Walk and Train” program helps teach dogs basic commands, good manners, and how to walk nicely on leash using positive reinforcement. With Dani and Maren’s pet knowledge and expertise they serve as a valuable and accessible resource to the team. Their love and passion for pets shines through as they continue to build a service that provides convenience and First-Class Pet Service to a community of people who care deeply about their animals.

Vinny has been invited onto Pix 11 and Barcroft TV to speak on “animal rescue, dog training & behavior, safety tips for bite prevention, life on the streets and importance of school.”

Vincent Olito, CCDT,


Owner, Camp Ruff Ruff, Staten Island, NY

Vinny’s Favorite Part of Working with Dogs:

Working with dogs is rewarding in so many ways. If I had to pick a favorite I would start with being able to communicate with any dog in any environment or social situation. I also love helping human and dog relationships improve to keep dogs out of shelters. Helping shelter dogs find homes brings tears to my eyes.

On Graduating from CATCH:

I believe it was the best decision I made to have CATCH for my education. The curriculum is so well laid out that I don’t think I could ever have created this strong foundation of knowledge and skills on my own. Whenever I go to a seminar or read a new book I can understand everything any trainer is teaching! I cannot say enough about how rewarding this career “passion” is and how grateful I am to the CATCH team. Every day/week/year it gets better and better. Thank You CATCH – always proud to be part of the family.

Allison featured on Discovery+!

Allison Swarts, CCDT,


Owner, Tail WAG Training, Yuma, AZ

Allison’s Mission:

I started out volunteering for local animal rescues fostering rabbits and dogs. I loved every moment of it but I felt like there was something more I was meant to do. I then started schooling for veterinary technician while working as a receptionist at an animal hospital. I quickly learned that I was not cut out to deal with the compassion fatigue of being a technician everyday. I saw my dreams quickly fading away as I still was unsure that I would ever have a career working with animals. That is when I came across dog sports! Once I tried it, I was absolutely hooked! Training my dog to compete became the favorite part of my day. I knew I had to share this gift with others.

In her spare time, Victoria enjoys traveling, photography, being outdoors, and teaching Puggles new, fun tricks for her next AKC Trick Dog title.

Victoria Casanova, CCDT

Trainer, Dog Life Hoboken, Hoboken, NJ

Victoria’s Goals:

My name is Victoria and I live in Jersey City, NJ with my dog Puggles. I’ve always had a love for animals and a lifelong interest in science and psychology. When I initially got my dog and began training her, I quickly discovered my fascination with animal behavior and my passion for dog training snowballed from there. As a recent graduate from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, I am currently working towards my CPDT-KA with a longer term goal of becoming a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. My approach to dog training is centered around opening up the doorways of communication; not only from human to dog, but from dog to human, while having lots of fun along the way!

Megan’s goal is to help clients build a connection, foster trust, and create mutual understanding with their pets so they can conquer anything together.

Megan Crow, CCDT

Owner, The Motivated Mutt, LLC, Las Vegas, NV

Megan’s Motivation to Train:

Megan has a B.S. in Marine Biology and Environmental Science from Florida Southern College. As a military spouse who frequently moves, staying in that field became difficult. She became a dog trainer after becoming impassioned to help her seizure prone and fear reactive dog. The drive to understand him better led her to getting her certifications so she can help other people and their dogs make lifelong connections. Megan also volunteered with 4 Paws 4 Ability in Xenia, Ohio where they specialize in training service dogs, and she has interned with experienced trainers in the field. Megan is constantly pursuing further education in dog behavior to further her abilities to best help her clients.

In addition to her business, Kasey is also very active in rescue work.

In addition to her business, Kasey is also very active in rescue work.

Kasey Litt, CCDT

Owner, Kritter Keepers, Acworth, GA

My Experience On-Campus:

The experience and thoughtfulness of the instructors and being able to work with the dogs every day and take what we read about and put into action right away was incredible. What you wanted us to know is that there are lots of methods and ways to do things and we need to have them all in our toolbox and customize for each dog. You made us think on our feet.

Animal Experience:

I am a certified dog trainer with many years of experience working with animal shelters across the country. I am currently an avid volunteer with Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue and Adoption in Acworth, GA. In addition to dog training, I love working with all animals from our feathered friends to our scaly companions and everything in between. I have extensive experience with turtles, fish, parrots, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, goats, horses and pigs.

John now works for his mentor at Cold Nose Companions.

John Swaney, CCDT, CPDT-KA

TrainerCold Nose Companions, Burton, OH

John’s Inspiration:

John started his dog training pursuits when he adopted a German Shepherd, named Ginger, and realized he had a dog that needed a job to do as an outlet for her rambunctious behavior. In 2010, he became a member of a local volunteer K9 search and rescue team. Until Ginger’s retirement in January 2016, John and Ginger assisted statewide police and fire departments, as well as those in adjoining states, in locating missing persons. John and Ginger had multiple national certifications specializing in area search for finding live people that are missing. Ginger loved the work and John found this volunteer career very rewarding, so much so that he adopted his second German Shepherd, Hogan. John and Hogan recently achieved their live find area search certification, as well as a Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) BA certification.

Brooke (and Chip!) believes that “dog training should be fun for both you, the owner, and your pet. Our motto is dog training for healthier, happier pets.”

Brooke Greenberg, CCDT

Owner, Mind Body Paws, Tampa Bay Service Area

Brooke’s Ah-Ha Moment:

I have always dreamed of working with pets. After spending 20 years in the world of data, analytics and product marketing, I decided to make a drastic career change, and turn my head towards working in my dream career. Always fascinated by the ‘why’ behind dog behavior, my heart and head always lit up whenever I got the chance to talk about dogs. I will never forget when I realized how much science went into dog training. That ah-ha moment was when I knew I could leap from marketer to dog trainer.

Maddi is passionate about helping her clients create happy, healthy, and well-behaved dogs.

Madalyn Wright, CCDT

TrainerSits ‘n Wiggles, Cleveland, OH

Madalyn’s Vision:

Maddi has been an animal lover all her life. After working with Valarie on training her dogs she was inspired to also become a positive reinforcement dog trainer. She is working towards becoming a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer and Certified Enrichment Technician.

Erika’s motto is No force. Dog Training.

Erika Perez, CCDT

OwnerEuro-K9, Maywood, NJ

Erika’s Goal:

Growing up in eastern Europe, it was my experience that animals often did not get the respect they deserved. I always hoped the day would come that I can do something to change that. This is why I decided to become a professional dog trainer. Love for nature and animals, has been the only constant in my life since my childhood. I believe dogs are family. My goal is to help dogs and their humans live in a happy fulfilling relationship. I advocate for animal welfare, because the way we treat animals says a lot about us.

Leylian’s goal is to “[teach] both humans and dogs to think as a team”

Leylian Areces, CCDT

OwnerCanine Philosophy, San Juan, PR

Leylian’s Passion:

Dogs have always been my passion, hobby and now I couldn’t be any prouder to say I’ve turned it into my career! I have over 10 years of experience working with dogs and I’ve been a professional dog trainer since 2017 Not only am I a professional dog trainer; but I’m also a professional photographer! Being both a trainer and a photographer has taught me an immense amount of lessons that only make me strive in becoming a better version of myself everyday. I look forward in meeting you, and working with you soon!

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