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Whether you are brand new to the industry or you’re looking to add a new skill to an already successful business, CATCH will give you the education you need to hit the ground running!

Melissa, Sarah, & Abby

Melissa and her German Shorthaired Pointers, Sarah & Abby.

Melissa Lucas, CCDT

OwnerCome, Sit, and Stay, Sanford, NC

About Melissa:

Come, Sit and Stay, LLC is owned and operated by Melissa Lucas, a long time Carolina Trace resident, in Sanford, NC. Melissa is a certified dog trainer with over 20 years experience working with animal rescue groups and training shelter and foster dogs to find their forever homes. Melissa is dedicated to positive reward training methods. Basic obedience as well as behavior modification training is available.

Beta, Cynthia’s dog, getting very excited for frisbee!

Cynthia Drinkwine, CCDT & CATCH Mentor

OwnerPlayful Pup Dog Training, East Montpelier, VT

Passion for Teaching:

Cynthia taught middle school in rural Vermont for 15 years, and in 2015, she decided to combine her passion for teaching with her passion for dogs. She immersed herself in scientifically based positive dog training methodology, and mentored with the best trainers in the area attending and assisting in training classes as well as private behavior consultations. Cynthia was dog program coordinator at Central Vermont Humane Society and spent hundreds of hours working with shelter dogs and the people who adopt them.

Cathy was so impressive that she now works for her Mentor Trainer!

Cathy Marros, CCDT

TrainerRudy’s Friends Dog Training, Northern VA

About Cathy:

Growing up, I had dogs, cats, horses and even a duck as pets, and I love animals! My interest in professional dog training started when I got my dog Buzz — he was just 8 weeks old — he had a big heart and a lot of energy. I wanted to make sure he would behave when my large extended family came over, so I signed us up for training. That was 10 years ago and the start of my fascination with positive reinforcement training. In 2013, I began my quest for dog training certification with CATCH Canine Training Academy and recently became certified in dog training and dog training knowledge. Over the course of my CATCH training, I did volunteer work with the Fairfax Animal Shelter and A Forever Home Rescue Foundation and mentored for 6-months with Anne and the other wonderful trainers at Rudy’s Friends.

Jennifer Stack

Jennifer running her dog!

Jennifer Sewell, Basics Pro Student

Owner, Run Those Dogs, Fall City, WA

Starting a New Career:

For almost 21 years I worked in a job I loved, but one that didn’t fulfill me. I had a lot of time to think about what was next when out on long mountain runs with my dog. I would always say “ I need to go Run the dog” trying to figure it all out. Then one day while out on a run in my HAPPY PLACE it came to me, so many people need this service! I love dogs and running… This is what I love!! And then the ideas started to flow. I looked up certification classes, went back to school and Run Those Dogs slowly came to life. It was the best decision I ever made and I couldn’t be happier.

Christopher and his star pupil, April.

Christopher and his star pupil, April.

Christopher Switky, CCDT

OwnerPositive Canine Concepts, Philadelphia, PA

Setting up for Success:

At the beginning of a training process, set your dog up for success by presenting whatever situation is challenging for the dog at a very low intensity. For example, if your dog is afraid of tall men, start by exposing her to tall men at a distance where she can see them, but not feel threatened by their proximity.

Ending on a Good Note:

Dogs are more likely to look forward to training sessions if they end with a few successful trials. This may mean dropping the level of difficulty slightly at the end of a session, or ending with a different activity that the dog has solidly learned.

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