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Whether you are brand new to the industry or you’re looking to add a new skill to an already successful business, CATCH will give you the education you need to hit the ground running!

Jackie & Amelie

Jackie & Amelie

Jackie Monell, CCDT

Owner, Malibu Pet Care, Malibu, CA

Socializing puppies:

Socialization should be exposing the puppy to a variety of other dogs, people, surfaces, noises, etc and making a good association with each experience. So the goal is not to have a neutral or bad experience, but a happy and good one. Using classical conditioning, as we carefully expose the puppy to new things and rewarding her with something she really likes, such as a small treat or playing with her favorite toy. You’ll want to have lots of tasty treats, and fun toys on hand.

Mental stimulation toys:

Mental stimulation is for their overall health. It prevents boredom by allowing the dog to figure out a food puzzle, exercising his foraging instincts. Chew toys give dogs an outlet that satisfies their need to chew, and it’s something they learn that is ok to chew vs the owners shoes or furniture. It’s great to use to distract them when you have to leave them alone at home, or when you need some quiet time to yourself.


Melissa, Sarah, & Abby

Melissa and her German Shorthaired Pointers, Sarah & Abby.

Melissa Lucas, CCDT

OwnerCome, Sit, and Stay, Sanford, NC

About Melissa:

Come, Sit and Stay, LLC is owned and operated by Melissa Lucas, a long time Carolina Trace resident, in Sanford, NC. Melissa is a certified dog trainer with over 20 years experience working with animal rescue groups and training shelter and foster dogs to find their forever homes. Melissa is dedicated to positive reward training methods. Basic obedience as well as behavior modification training is available.

Samara Love

Samara loves to be surrounded by dogs!

Samara Love, CCDT

Owner, Laughing Dogs, Berkeley, CA

Working with dogs:

As a child I was surrounded by a menagerie of rescued animals, some actively saved by my ever compassionate mum, others that instinctively sought out our home as a hospitable refuge. This constant interaction with different types of animals instilled in me the desire to help and be near them as much as I possibly can. Professionally working with dog fulfills a passion of mine. I love my work and my dog clients are my extended family whom I look forward to seeing every week.

Jennifer Stack

Jennifer running her dog!

Jennifer Sewell, Basics Pro Student

Owner, Run Those Dogs, Fall City, WA

Starting a new career:

For almost 21 years I worked in a job I loved, but one that didn’t fulfill me. I had a lot of time to think about what was next when out on long mountain runs with my dog. I would always say “ I need to go Run the dog” trying to figure it all out. Then one day while out on a run in my HAPPY PLACE it came to me, so many people need this service! I love dogs and running… This is what I love!! And then the ideas started to flow. I looked up certification classes, went back to school and Run Those Dogs slowly came to life. It was the best decision I ever made and I couldn’t be happier.

Patti with Bella, Blue, and Odie

Patti with Bella, Blue, and Odie

Patti Schwartz, Basics Pro Graduate

Owner, Peaceful Paws Training, State College, PA

My favorite part of working with dogs:

EVERYTHING! Dogs are fascinating beings. It’s the reason why I became a trainer. But I’d have to say my absolute favorite part is the aha moment – you know, that split second when the dog gets it and learning begins. It’s the ultimate reward.

One of the most important lessons I learned in my studies:

Learning cannot take place without motivation. It not only holds true for the dog you are working with but for your client as well. Without motivation your student dog isn’t going to perform the behaviors and your client most likely isn’t going to practice on their own. So the more you can be in control of what motivates the two the better your student’s and client’s odds are of succeeding. For me this means keeping training sessions interesting and fun for everyone involved.

Sarah and Dina watching the world go by from a favorite bench by their home in New Jersey.

Sarah and Dina watching the world go by from a favorite bench by their home in New Jersey.

Sarah Walker, CPDT-KA

Owner, Side by Side Dog Training, Newark, New Jersey

On running my own business:

I started Side by Side Dog Training in 2006. I offer private in-home dog behavior consults to help resolve issues ranging from new puppy problems to fear and reactivity.

The learning experience in David’s training programs:

David was a wonderful teacher who led by example and gave specific, helpful and challenging feedback. I learned valuable techniques for training a variety of behaviors. I also learned good teaching skills to pass along training techniques to owners. David was always a pleasure to work with: professional and personable at the same time.

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