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Meet more of the excellent professional dog trainers who have launched careers after studying with CATCH and our renowned curriculum.

David Shade, CCDT & CATCH Mentor

Owner, At Attention Dog Training, King of Prussia, PA

Sharing His Story:

At Attention Dog Training featured on the TV show, Ready, Set, Pet.

I just thought I would share that I have been invited to write an upcoming article for BARKS. Also, I did some work and made a video on my story. I just wanted to say that none of this would have been possible without CATCH!

As Seen on TV:

At Attention Dog Training, King of Prussia’s Force-Free, Fear-Free Certified dog training company, was recently featured on “Ready, Set, Pet”, a segment on The CW’s “One Magnificent Morning” program. The series is focused on educating and informing families who are looking to adopt pets, with each episode featuring a different family’s journey through making an informed decision, navigating the adoption process, and preparing their homes for their newest member.

Freedom Tails aims to train dogs “in a fun and safe environment,” where their clients’ dogs will “behave not because they have to, but because they want to!”

Courtney Sanossian, CCDT, CPDT-KA, & CATCH Mentor

OwnerFreedom Tails Dog Training, Haymarket, VA

Courtney’s Incentive:

Courtney grew up in Orange County, California until the winter of 2017, where she, her husband, and their three dogs moved to Virginia to be closer to family. In the summer, Courtney registered her Pit Bull, Athena, for a board-and-train program with a local trainer. Unaware that e-collars were used during the two week program, and having little knowledge of its power and purpose, Courtney saw her one-year-old Pittie (rescued from backyard breeding) change into a reactive, fear-driven canine. After working with Athena to correct these behaviors, it became clear that she unearthed a new passion and talent in the dog world. Courtney is also a Dog Bite Safety Educator for Doggone Safe and member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Helena working patiently with some attentive students!

Helena Montgomery , CCDT

Owner, Dogs Got Class, Takoma Park, MD

Becoming a Force-Free Trainer:

Attending CATCH Canine Trainers Academy has proven to be the perfect choice for me; but more importantly Spud, Charlie (my black Lab), and all the other dogs I have continued to train since then, reap the benefits of my additional skills, knowledge and understanding. My shelter volunteer training experiences have also provided me with a wealth of knowledge that I use in my present day dog training programs. I wish harm free training existed when I attended my first training class, many many years ago, with my family dog, a German Shepherd named King. Knowing how dogs learn, understanding their specific body language and behaviors, and accepting the fact that what works for one dog will not necessarily work for another, enriches my dog training skills.

Sandra’s goal is to “transform this training journey into a nonprofit that provides behavioral rehabilitation services for dog rescues and low-cost training for families who are considering rehoming their pets so they can keep them as part of the family.”

Sandra Roosna, CCDT, FDM

Owner, Benny’s Best Dog Training, Olympia, WA

Sandra’s Vision:

I put a strong emphasis on forming solid relationships between people and their pups. While treats and toys are great for building and maintaining engagement, the ongoing strengthening of bonds with your dog is what leads to a happy and harmonious life together. When I work with dogs, I have fun with it, and I encourage their humans to do the same! I approach every case with compassion and sensitivity.

Laura with her own beautiful pups, Missy and Jewels.

Laura Juliano, CCDT & CATCH Mentor

OwnerSugar Paws Dog Training, Monmouth County, NJ

Laura’s Journey:

Laura has had a love for animals since she was a child. She grew up with Buttons, a poodle mix who was not fond of children and she knew that when she “grew up” she wanted to have a dog who she could safely interact with. Fast forward to “grown up life”. Laura received her BA in Communications from Monmouth University in New Jersey and fell into the corporate world so many of us have succumbed to. Day after day sitting behind a desk just longing to be working with dogs. Knowing she was not fulfilling her passion, Laura took a leap of faith, quit her corporate job, graduated from the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and became a full time dog trainer.
Laura discovered her passion while volunteering at her local shelter. She fostered (and quickly adopted) a beautiful white Pit Bull Mix named Missy who lead her to what she was always destined to do. Teach dog guardians how to positively train their dogs.

Cheryl Cornett with the newest member of her team, a Spinone Italiano named Enzo.

Cheryl Cornett, CCDT

OwnerLeash & Hand, New Hampshire

Cheryl’s Training Philosophy:

My ultimate goal at Leash & Hand is to provide you, the human, with sound, research-based methods for training your dog. While I embrace the science for its rigor and truth, I deeply understand and honor the heart connection with these intelligent, sentient creatures who have become such an integral part of our lives.
I promote force-free training not only because science supports it as the best option for optimal learning, but because it is the right thing to do. Learning should never involve pain or fear. To that end, I strive to strengthen and enhance the human-canine bond while making sure learning is not only pleasurable, but rewarding for both species.

Upon graduation from CATCH, Jessica’s mentor trainer hired her as a training apprentice.

Jessica Kupsik, CCDT, CATCH Mentor

Dog Trainer, Tucker Pups Pet Resort, Chicago, IL

Jessica’s Mission:

Jess has been fostering and volunteering with dog rescues in Chicago since 2019. She has fostered ten pit bulls through K94Keeps, a Chicago-based rescue. She also volunteers at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Bully breeds are Jess’s favorite to work with. She believes they are such great dogs but get a bad reputation because many are not trained properly. Her own dog, Kona, is a five-year-old American Bully who is so lazy and mellow he is often compared to Eeyore. She is also currently fostering and training a deaf pit bull puppy.

Vera is dedicated to strengthening the bond “between pups and their pawrents.”

Vera Murri, CCDT

Owner and FounderDog Life Hoboken, Hoboken, NJ

Vera’s Philosophy:

I spent my childhood years helping on my grandparents’ farm in Russia to take care of animals (cows, sheep, chicken, dogs and cats). On October 19th, 2017 I became a mother to a wonderful baby girl. I came to realize that a lot of people need help introducing their babies/kids to dogs (be it a family dog or a newly adopted dog). I would like to help make this transition for the whole family as smooth as possible. I use force free, positive reinforcement training and science based dog training methods. These methods make training fun and enjoyable for both dog parents and fluffy kids.

Victoria’s goal is to bring balance and fulfillment to the human-canine relationship

Victoria Haffer, CCDT

OwnerThe Academy of Canine Empowerment, Raleigh, NC

Victoria’s Mission:

Dogs have different needs from humans. By educating the humans, the dog becomes empowered to have their needs fulfilled. I quickly assess the situation in your home environment and get to the root cause of the issue and empower the human to take action to fulfill their dog’s needs. The focus is always on empowerment of the human through education and awareness of their dog’s behaviors. I do this work because there are so many misunderstood dogs out there with behavioral issues who just need patience, persistence, leadership and a lot of love.

Donna with her 2 rescue dogs, Kasey and Wilbur. Donna now works full time with her mentor and continues to make a difference everyday.

Donna McNerney, CCDT, CPDT-KA

Trainer, The Exceptional Pet, Newtown, CT

Donna’s Accomplishments & Inspiration:

Donna is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, (CCPDT), is a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer, (CCDT), AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Service Dog and Therapy Dog trainer with The Exceptional Sidekick Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs. She became interested in training after seeing and experiencing the devastation that comes along with having a reactive dog. That experience taught her about the complexities of the canine brain and the best way to communicate with dogs that do not feel safe in new situations. It is an experience that all dog trainers should have to go through to learn about the human side of training dogs and all the emotions that go along with it.

Christina impressed her mentor so much that she was invited to join the team!

Christina Evans, CCDT, CPDT-KA

Trainer, CNY Pet Training, Onondaga County, New York

Trainer and Pit Bull Advocate:

Christina has volunteered with Cuse Pit Crew, a local animal advocacy group, for the past 4 years where she was part of a shelter team, helping to socialize and promote the adoption of homeless pit bulls at Humane CNY. She currently serves as the Cuse Pit Crew’s Humane Education Coordinator, a program that sends educators into local schools to teach children about bite prevention and the ethical treatment of animals.

Ronda with the dog who started it all!

Ronda Warywoda, Basics Pro Graduate & CATCH Mentor, CPDT-KA, UW-AAB

Owner, 29K9 Dog Training, Twenty-Nine Palms, CA

Ronda’s Dedication to Improving the Lives of Dogs:

Ronda is experienced with basic obedience, problem solving, behavior challenges, training your own service dog and more. She is dedicated to force-free training and believes in education without intimidation. Ronda is passionate about continuing her education, and she is set to graduate with a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington, featuring the instruction of Dr. James Ha and Dr. Renee Ha and guest lectures by Patricia McDonnell, Robin Foster, Terry Ryan and Kathy Sdao. In addition to her successful business, Ronda is very proud to be on the board of directors for her local Morongo Basin Humane Society. They have a no-kill shelter and work with their dogs to find them the right home, no matter how long it takes.

Brandi Jo brings her training skills to the great outdoors in Colorado.

Brandi Jo brings her training skills to the great outdoors in Colorado.

Brandi Jo Schoenthaler, CCDT, CDBC

Owner, Cornerstone Dog Training, Aspen,CO

My Learning Experience:

My learning experiences have been revolutionary in the way I look at all our canine friends. I love how I am able to better understand canine behavior and interactions. It brings on a new level of satisfaction being around dogs.

What I’ve Gained:

I have received many compliments about my skills and knowledge I have gained from CATCH. I am fortunate to have a great mentor as well that has led me to a place where I feel confident in my progress and looking forward to more learning experiences!

Ferdie loves to “bring joy and hope into the lives of animals and humans, especially when the collective journey has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. There’s nothing more thrilling to me than helping others work together to build the trust that will guide them to a better place.”

Ferdie Yau, CPDT-KA & CATCH Workshop Instructor

Behavior Consultant and Director of Shelter and Community Outreach, Behavior Vets, New York City

On Running My Own Business:

I started out working for the City of New York as an ecologist on the Bronx River, but in the evenings and weekends I ran my own dog training business. I offered private lessons in my clients’ homes or in a nearby park to practice in the real world. I helped clients with everything from raising a new puppy to modifying aggressive behaviors. My dog training business grew over the years and it’s been a very exciting journey.

On Studying in David’s Training Programs:

In the early stages of my career, my experience with David really helped me become more confident as a professional dog trainer. He taught me how to work with people and listen to their issues. He taught me how to think critically about the way I was coaching my clients and helping them achieve their goals. I learned that it is important to show clients how progress is best accomplished in small steps rather than pushing a dog too hard. In addition, David taught me many great exercises to teach clients that are a foundation of any basic manners/obedience training program.

I think David is a great communicator. His advice was always helpful and he is one of the most positive people I have ever worked with. I have a lot of respect for his professionalism and the passion that he has for his work.

Ferdie is now a leading behavior consultant in New York City and works regularly with CATCH as an instructor at our workshops.

Olivia and Heimdallr enjoying the midday sun!

Olivia Newman, CCDT

Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant, Noble Beast Dog Training, Denver, Colorado

Olivia’s Love of Animals:

Olivia has been an avid animal lover from a young age, acting as a caretaker to animals of many species, with dogs holding a special place in her heart. She believes the key to training success is communication and good teamwork. In her spare time, Olivia fawns after her 4-year-old English Mastiff, Heimdallr, and volunteers with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

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