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Meet more of the excellent professional dog trainers who have launched careers after studying with CATCH and our renowned curriculum.

Cheryl Cornett with the newest member of her team, a Spinone Italiano named Enzo.

Cheryl Cornett, CCDT

OwnerLeash & Hand, New Hampshire

Cheryl’s training philosophy:

My ultimate goal at Leash & Hand is to provide you, the human, with sound, research-based methods for training your dog. While I embrace the science for its rigor and truth, I deeply understand and honor the heart connection with these intelligent, sentient creatures who have become such an integral part of our lives.
I promote force-free training not only because science supports it as the best option for optimal learning, but because it is the right thing to do. Learning should never involve pain or fear. To that end, I strive to strengthen and enhance the human-canine bond while making sure learning is not only pleasurable, but rewarding for both species.

Melita runs Lucky Dog Camp, which teaches children the importance of respecting and sharing this planet with all the creature that call it home.

Melita Wright, CCDT, CPDT-KA

FounderLucky Dog Camp, Pennington, NJ

Melita’s training philosophy:

Melita trains by using motivation not intimidation. She specializes in educating new puppy owners, helping people with their adopted dog, and behavior modification. She wants to teach people how to read and understand what their dog is trying to communicate to them by understanding a dog’s body language. Dogs don’t “speak” English but they have a lot to say. If we can learn to read a dog’s postures and signals we can better understand his feelings and motivations and be better able to predict what he is likely to do. She trains by building trust and respect, not punishment and dominance.

Donna with her 2 rescue dogs, Kasey and Wilbur. Donna now works full time with her mentor and continues to make a difference everyday.

Donna McNerney, CCDT, CPDT-KA

Trainer, The Exceptional Pet, Newtown, CT

Donna’s accomplishments & inspiration:

Donna is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, (CCPDT), is a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer, (CCDT), AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Service Dog and Therapy Dog trainer with The Exceptional Sidekick Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs. She became interested in training after seeing and experiencing the devastation that comes along with having a reactive dog. That experience taught her about the complexities of the canine brain and the best way to communicate with dogs that do not feel safe in new situations. It is an experience that all dog trainers should have to go through to learn about the human side of training dogs and all the emotions that go along with it.

Barb loves being surrounded by dogs, and enjoys status as the “Chief Dog Advocate” at her current business, the Laughing Dog Inn.

Barb Pensky, CPDT-KA, Basics Pro Graduate

Owner, Laughing Dog Inn, Santa Rosa Valley, CA
Trainer, Perfect Puppy Academy, Conejo Valley, CA

The positive difference:

Positive training puts the emphasis on teaching dogs what to do, not continually punishing a dog for not doing what we want. What sets apart a really good positive trainer from the rest is not just their ability to teach a dog to do things using reward based teaching, but to use humane techniques to also curb and prevent negative behavior. Positive training builds confidence and builds a strong bond between dog and their owner. It encourages the dog to listen and respond when asked to do something and works well on all kinds of dogs including those “working” dogs with high drive.

Christina impressed her mentor so much that she was invited to join the team!

Christina Evans, CCDT

Trainer, CNY Pet Training, Onondaga County, New York

Trainer and Pit Bull Advocate:

Christina has volunteered with Cuse Pit Crew, a local animal advocacy group, for the past 4 years where she was part of a shelter team, helping to socialize and promote the adoption of homeless pit bulls at Humane CNY. She currently serves as the Cuse Pit Crew’s Humane Education Coordinator, a program that sends educators into local schools to teach children about bite prevention and the ethical treatment of animals.

Ronda with the dog who started it all!

Ronda Warywoda, Basics Pro Graduate & CATCH Mentor

Owner, 29K9 Dog Training, Twenty-Nine Palms, CA

Ronda’s dedication to improving the lives of dogs:

Ronda is experienced with basic obedience, problem solving, behavior challenges, training your own service dog and more. She is dedicated to force-free training and believes in education without intimidation. Ronda is passionate about continuing her education, and she is set to graduate with a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington, featuring the instruction of Dr. James Ha and Dr. Renee Ha and guest lectures by Patricia McDonnell, Robin Foster, Terry Ryan and Kathy Sdao. In addition to her successful business, Ronda is very proud to be on the board of directors for her local Morongo Basin Humane Society. They have a no-kill shelter and work with their dogs to find them the right home, no matter how long it takes.

Brandi Jo brings her training skills to the great outdoors in Colorado.

Brandi Jo brings her training skills to the great outdoors in Colorado.

Brandi Jo Schoenthaler, CCDT

Owner, Cornerstone Dog Training, Aspen,CO

My learning experience:

My learning experiences have been revolutionary in the way I look at all our canine friends. I love how I am able to better understand canine behavior and interactions. It brings on a new level of satisfaction being around dogs.

What I’ve gained:

I have received many compliments about my skills and knowledge I have gained from CATCH. I am fortunate to have a great mentor as well that has led me to a place where I feel confident in my progress and looking forward to more learning experiences!

Ferdie teaching manners to Kayla the Husky-Shepherd mix and Scout the Terrier mix.

Ferdie teaching manners to Kayla the Husky-Shepherd mix and Scout the Terrier mix.

Ferdie Yau, CPDT-KA

Owner, Sits & Wiggles Dog Training, New York City

On running my own business:

I work for the City of New York as an ecologist on the Bronx River, but in the evenings and weekends I run my own dog training business. I have private lessons in my clients’ homes or in a nearby park to practice in the real world. I help clients with everything from raising a new puppy to modifying aggressive behaviors. My dog training business is expanding which is very exciting.

On studying in David’s training programs:

My experience with David really helped me become more confident as a professional dog trainer. He taught me how to work with people and listen to their issues. He taught me how to think critically about the way I was coaching my clients and helping them achieve their goals. I learned that it is important to show clients how progress is best accomplished in small steps rather than pushing a dog too hard. In addition, David taught me many great exercises to teach clients that are a foundation of any basic manners/obedience training program.

I think David is a great communicator. His advice was always helpful and he is one of the most positive people I have ever worked with. I have a lot of respect for his professionalism and the passion that he has for his work.

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