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Take a look at these amazing accomplishments – we are so proud to be a part of making our students’ and graduates’ dreams come true!

Camille is an accomplished trainer on the AYP team in Miami.

Camille Personne, CCDT

Trainer, Applause Your Paws, Miami, FL

About Camille:

In addition to being a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer, Camille is also a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. After graduating in 2012, she spent several years as a pet trainer in a major retail pet store which allowed her to work with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Before becoming a dog trainer, Camille spent ten years training and rehabilitating horses in Dubai where she grew up. Camille also holds a Certificate in Pet Nutrition and a Certificate in Natural Healthcare for Pets. Camille now part of the training team at Applause Your Paws.

Jennifer and her therapy pet partner, Chewbacca.

Jennifer Harelson, LPC, CHAIS, CCDT, SDC

OwnerLittle Wing Counseling, Durham, NC

Cooperative Paws Service Dog Coach:

I am so excited to offer regular and specialized dog training services, as I incorporate my love of dogs with helping support people, and bettering the human-animal bond. The specialized services involve Skilled Companion Training, Emotional Support Animal Training or Therapy Dog preparation. As a Service Dog Coach, I am able to offer dog training that specializes in helping people gain Skilled Companions to assist them as at-home-only service animals. My extensive training and work with canines combined with my knowledge and experience working as a therapist has made me passionate about helping people teach their own pets to help support them, as Skilled Companions, Emotional Support Animals or even Therapy Dogs.

Lainie and her clients are always all smiles!

Lainie Johnston, CCDT

Owner, Pawsitive Pup Training, Wilmington, NC

A “Pawsitive” relationship with your dog:

At the end of the day when you think about it, pets are no different than people. We’re just talking about treating our pets the same way we would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. You can be scolded and forced into doing something, but it’s a much better overall relationship to be treated with respect and love while being rewarded during the learning and training process. The result is a much better bond with your pet and a much more “Pawsitive” overall experience.

Training opportunities can happen anywhere!

Training opportunities can happen anywhere!

Rachael Beuchler, CCDT

Owner, Grateful Path, Moretown, VT

Making a difference:

My experience with animal welfare organizations drew me to the field and science of dog behavior. Many dogs are brought to animal welfare and rescue groups due to behavioral issues and my desire is to work with families and dogs to keep them in their homes. Often all it takes is a little understanding and simple training tools to see the relationship blossom! I’ve been volunteering at local humane organizations for over 20 years and am currently volunteering at ROAR – Ridgefield Animal Shelter as a trainer. I am also a trainer for the Pets for Vets program.

Robin is very involved in training rescue dogs at Pets Alive.

Robin is very involved in training rescue dogs at Pets Alive.

Robin Markovits, CCDT

Trainer, Pets Alive, Middletown, NY

Training at Pets Alive:

The core teaching of this program is simple: We’ll get the behavior that we reinforce. For our dogs that translates into a series of rewards and ALWAYS humane positive reinforcement for the behavior we want. Members of this special group of volunteers learn and use the basic principles of behavior modification to help shape the responses of the dogs that are the most difficult to adopt. As in any relationship, there are at least three components: the dog, the environment and a human! The people in this very special group come to understand that they are an important part in a dog’s life and future.

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