Bringing Positive Training to the K9 Unit

Meet Featured Student Chris Weber and Murphy the Belgian Malinois

Chris started out as a Sherriff and wanted to advance his knowledge of training and behavior, so he began studying with CATCH. He was a hobby trainer previously and does some fun Schutzhund training with his dogs. After deepening his knowledge of training and behavior, the sheriff’s department promoted him to K9 unit.

Fantastic work, Chris!

“My learning experiences have impacted how I look at dogs each day in a number of ways. One example would be how I see dogs in public. I tend to watch the dogs’ body language more now to see if they are calm, stressed, or showing signs of fear or aggression. Having the experience of CATCH has made me want to help people develop better relationships with their dogs especially when they are struggling with things such as basic obedience.”

“I would like to note that this was a very well structured program. I work full time, have a family, and train in my spare time. There was no way I would have been able to attend an in-classroom school so CATCH was the perfect option for me. I would like to thank the staff that was involved for all the support!”

Click here to read more about Chris and his experience with CATCH.

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  1. Monica Rainville says:

    I understand that all dogs learn at different rates, but I’m curious as to how long it took Murphy to learn all that is depicted in the video? You and Murphy are amazing.

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