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Whipping Up Biscuits

Cooking up training skills isn’t the only fun thing we do around here. Want to give an awesome gift to your dog, or to a dog lover you adore? These homemade biscuits can be whipped up with just 4 ingredients in no time. They look and taste fantastic!

With oatmeal & peanut butter - people can eat them, too!

With oatmeal & peanut butter – people can eat them, too!

I love doing projects with my son, and my new neighbor has 3 dogs that he adores – so what better to do last weekend than bake up gourmet dog treats as a gift for everyone?! We got a wonderfully easy recipe from and had a blast baking them. With only 4 ingredients including oatmeal and peanut butter, people can eat them, too! (Sprinkle a little sugar on the human version, and voila, it’s a true cookie.)

So, what do you need? Just oatmeal, flour, water, and peanut butter. One egg is optional. If you’d like to add other fun stuff like chicken/beef stock or bananas, go right ahead.

Serious Cooking Techniques for Serious Dog Lovers

Serious Cooking Techniques for Serious Dog Lovers

Kids love working on this, and they make it even more fun. So if you have any little ones around, get them involved! The first step is to mix the four ingredients into a dough and flatten it out. Then you make your shapes. Once you move them over to the cookie sheet, you have the option to brush on the glaze from a beaten egg. This adds a little flavor and a gourmet looking sheen that will “wow” whoever you gift these to. If you are giving these right to a dog, don’t bother with wrapping. But, if you are gifting to a friend, they look great in a mason jar with a ribbon around the top.

There are no preservatives in these so remember to refrigerate. Get the full recipe details here.

If you want to get your training skills and dog career cookin’, learn more about what CATCH can do for you here.

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