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Our students continue to “WOW!” us with their passion and dedication. They inspire us on a daily basis, and we are proud of all they are accomplishing!

Candace B., Basics Pro Graduate
Essex, MD

Candace's Old English Sheepdog puppy, Watson. It's elementary, my dear!

Candace’s Old English Sheepdog puppy, Watson. It’s elementary, my dear!

“I recently enrolled in CATCH’s Basics Pro course and have completed the first phase.  I absolutely love it!  I must admit that I was a bit leery as to which company to choose, but the CATCH staff made it very easy.  They stayed in contact with me until I decided I was ready to start classes and have always been there to check in or answer any questions that I have.  It is also very affordable compared to others, and I would say that the quality is just as great!  I have plenty of student loans and it was nice not having to spend a fortune to get my feet wet in the dog training industry.   It’s been great being able to work at my own pace.  It really allows you to spend as much time studying and practicing the different hands on activities as much as you want until you are ready for the exam.

If you are interested in dog training, this is the place for you!  I would highly recommend CATCH to someone who is looking for a great online education and hands on experience that is supplemented with awesome student support anytime you need it!”

Amy W., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Toms River, NJ

Suzy A. (St. Hubert’s Training & Behavior Center) – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer
Madison, NJ

St. Hubert's

Suzy referring to her student, Kate: “Kate shows great kindness to her dog, but also great clarity. I loved watching her be relaxed and comfortable through all of the exercises. Her body language is very clear with Kiva and her voice always kind and confident. I can see why you are all impressed with her.
Kate is a clear instructor and very patient. I think she will be very helpful to clients who are first time dog owners as well as people with new dogs. She explains the exercises, then demos, then helps you accomplish the goal, then she tells you what to do at home. Her passion for this job is clear.

Kate has a very pleasant way of talking and explaining the information she is giving. She is relaxed, and I feel like she would help a client relax also with her calm solutions and ideas for managing an issue. Love her!

Kathy K.
Kearny, NJ

“I just wanted to let you know of the great experience I had this past weekend. Everything I learned so far came in so handy and made me feel very comfortable. I dog sat a 6-month old puppy (60-pound German Shepherd) for a client from Friday until Monday. I always get nervous when I am introducing my dogs. (Prior to my training I would have been a wreck). I was very relaxed and let the natural things happen and the dynamics of the social hierarchy fell right into place and it was amazing to see! By Sunday night they were all best of friends and the shepherd was very well-behaved socially and knew exactly where he fit in. It was amazing to see how it all evolved!!!!

Kristin S.
Youngstown, OH

Kristin's new best friend, Charley!

Kristin’s new best friend, Charley!

“Being a CATCH student I have nothing but good things to say about this school. The support they give is incredible. There is no pressure to move quickly through each phase so you can take as much time as you need to complete each one. My questions are always answered timely and with extremely qualified trainers that explain things to me in an easy to understand way. I am very happy I chose CATCH to pursue my dog training education.”

Cathy M.
Fairfax, VA

“Currently, I’m enrolled in the CATCH Master Class and I’m LOVING my CATCH Training! The depth of knowledge I’m absorbing through my Student Library, Videos, and Program Director–who’s always there to assist me–is fascinating. I can’t wait to start my new career as a Dog Trainer. My goal is to train “good dog” behavior, and to teach dog lovers how to gently and effectively communicate with their dog for a harmonious and long life together.”

Busse.Aimee logo

Aimee B. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer
Burr Ridge, IL

Aimee referring to her student, Cathi: “Cathi did a great job motivating and keeping her dog focused in an unfamiliar environment. Lots of praise and feedback given. She has a very positive attitude and will do well in this field.”

Beth P.
West Milford, NJ

“I am currently enrolled in the Academy with the hopes of becoming a dog trainer. I have spent 20 years in the finance business and am looking for a career change. As a single mom of two teenagers, this self-study program is affording me the perfect opportunity to achieve my goals. It gives me the flexibility of studying on my time while I am learning about something that I truly enjoy-my dog! The staff are attentive to my needs, helpful and someone is always available when I need them. I am so happy I found this and am very excited about the future!

Alexander E.
New Milford, CT

Maximus enjoying a snow day!

Maximus enjoying a snow day!

I am really loving the way the curriculum is structured. I find it extremely conducive to actual learning, not just memorization. This program has been such an awesome introduction into what is proving to be a fascinating world. It really encourages me to ‘connect the dots’ on my own and to interpret the material on my own terms, which for me is so much more helpful than simply regurgitating information.
What I love is that CATCH has created a culture of true learning and I have felt supported from day one, rather than ‘graded’. This allows me and I would hope any student to truly thrive and grow.
This is also very personal to me because, as a dog owner, I have made mistakes in the past. I have let frustration and impatience get the better of me, and I have let my own stubbornness block me from learning and improving.
I lost a dog about six months ago to cancer, and I am still having moments of clarity as to the answers he was trying to show me if I had only opened my eyes. He is STILL teaching me.
CATCH has given me an opportunity to honor my debt to him.

Thanks again to everyone there for all of the help and support.”

Susan B., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Cleveland, OH

Susan is not only a talented trainer, but an excellent student. Were so proud of her!

Susan and her student dog, Baxter.

I am currently a new student in Master Class program at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and am having an incredible experience so far! Pursuing a career change that would include my love of dogs, I started volunteering at a wonderful dog training center and discovered that I had found the niche I had been looking for. I found the work so rewarding and so much fun that I started searching for organizations and educational programs available to become a professional dog trainer.

After looking in depth at several online programs, some that are very well known and others that are highly regarded but not so much in the spotlight, I found the CATCH program. Or it found me. I had already spoken to the staffs at the various other available programs, and then I contacted CATCH and instantly felt at home. The staff was very welcoming and I instantly felt at ease with them. They had a passion about what they did and how they felt about it that I missed in the other people that I had spoken to at other programs. So for that reason and for other various reasons such as tuition costs, length of the programs and curriculum among them I chose CATCH and am so very glad that I did!!

The study materials and tools are extremely well structured and put together and very interesting. The further I progress into my studies the more addicted I become to them. Never did I think I would reach for a book about dog behavior instead of an easy “beach” read on a sunny summer day!!

I am really excited to be part of the CATCH Professional Dog Trainer Master Class and I look forward to an exciting future thanks to everyone at CATCH!”

Pam’s puppy, Maddy, on a shopping trip.

Pam F., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Sacramento, CA

“I did a lot of research prior to selecting an on-line program to become a Professional Dog Trainer. What I found was some inexpensive programs that just wanted my money and didn’t really care about what I wanted or who I was. From the first phone call with the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy I was so impressed with the knowledge and the caring interest that they took in me. Unfortunately, I did not have the upfront money and I could not afford the monthly installment that they wanted. However, after letting them know of my financial hardship, they created a program that fit my educational needs as well as what I could afford. I was so grateful for this because I DID NOT want to go to one of the other companies. Additionally, I was impressed with the phone call and email that I received from David (the owner of CATCH Canine Trainers Academy) who was available to answer any and all of my questions and concerns.

After enrolling in CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, I have been extremely happy with the program. Kelly, my Program Director, is always so much fun to talk with (as is everyone else at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy) and so knowledgeable that I can’t wait to talk with her. They all make their time available to the students and are genuinely interested in making sure I understand every concept of this program.

The combination of textbooks and videos make understanding the concepts taught in the program easier to grasp, as well as the individual attention Kelly gives to me as I need. So far, I am not only enjoying what I am learning I am also having lots of fun putting it to use!

Thank You CATCH Canine Trainers Academy!”

Vincent O., CPDT-KA, CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Staten Island, NY

“I have an update on helping my mentor trainer, Sarah. One word – “awesome” – I love her teaching style. She is an awesome trainer I can learn a lot from. Sarah also gave me an offer to stay on as a helper after the six weeks because she is getting busy. She asked if I’m interested. 🙂 I said “OF COURSE” I would love to!

Thank You, CATCH just keeps getting better and better!”

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