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Giving our students a positive learning experience and a strong foundation in the professional dog training world is our highest priority. Their success is our greatest reward. Come experience what CATCH has to offer you!

Martin F., How to Speak Dog Graduate
Midlothian, VA

Martin’s Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Ripley, with his Canine Good Citizen awards.

“I contacted CATCH Canine Training Academy not because I wanted to become a dog trainer, at least not at this time, but instead because I wanted to learn more about understanding dog communications. I wanted to understand better what my dog was communicating, and I wanted to be able to understand more about what the other dogs we meet were “saying”, and thereby safely encourage positive encounters and avoid negative confrontations. This is relevant to all dog owners, not just trainers.

The nice thing about CATCH is that you do not have to take all of the training phases – they will cater their program to your desires. In my case, that was to complete the first two Phases. As of this writing, I have just completed Phase I, and I’m now eagerly plunging into the next phase. Anyone who wants to raise a puppy properly from the outset would benefit from this course – even before getting the pup!

When you start any of the programs, the first thing you will receive is a small library of dog books. They are all entertaining and informative; they have been well-selected. You will receive a course syllabus that guides you through the readings in a well planned order, and there are Practice Questions along the way that emphasize the main points. The staff is readily available by phone or e-mail for any questions you encounter. I just passed the Phase I exam (open book, no time limit), which was neither too easy nor too difficult.

In addition to the readings, there are many videos online that you can use for studying the dog’s behaviors. Static pictures are not sufficient, and trying to learn in real-time (by watching dogs), is also not ideal. The videos are really nice learning tools.

This is a well planned and prepared course. I am very favorably impressed and satisfied with the course content and staff at CATCH.

Barb G. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer Gadola.Barb logo
Keller, TX

Referring to her student, Grace:
Grace gave examples of how to teach the skills using both capturing and luring. She explained clearly when it was time to raise the criteria. I asked many questions about why/when she might lure and and how she would eventually fade the lure. We had a discussion about fading lures as quickly as possible so the dog does not become dependent on the food in order to perform the behavior. She did an admirable job and should feel confident in her ability to teach others.

Carol W.
Carrollton, GA

“I am a registered nurse who after 32 years decided to switch gears and pursue my true passion – working with DOGS! I am very pleased with the help that I am receiving from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy. The course work is fun and challenging. I am learning so much! The personal support that I have received from their director and staff has been fabulous. I was especially pleased that they had different options that could accommodate my personal financial situation. I would recommend this program to ANYONE interested in working with dogs!”

Jerry P. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer PBCLogo - Jerry Patillo
Dallas, TX

“I’ve been very impressed with Kathleen and what she’s learned through CATCH’s curriculum. And I say that sincerely.”

Pasquale A., Basics Pro Graduate
Jersey City, NJ

“I have only made it through the first two phases of their program so far, but I am very impressed with the program. First, their customer service is excellent. The team that you talk to when you first call are all experienced trainers, and you get to talk to David himself as well! Most training programs you call, (in any expertise) you just end up talking to just some random admin person and they can only get into so many details with you. But these people are the ones who run the program. They also stay by your side throughout the process, checking in on you regularly and always respond to your questions. As far as the material goes- its very in-depth and arranged in an easily digestable manner. I’ve taken dozens of classes in various disciplines over the years, and I know what makes up a good curriculum- and that is good, clear communication which CATCH excels at.

They present the material with continuity, by subject, give you study guides and projects to help you retain and understand the material, and then by the time you take the test, you’ve read through the material at least 3 times, making it easy to remember. After two months, they have already paired me with a trainer in Brooklyn where I can observe classes and get some hands-on experience. I have to say it is clear they care about what they do, and their business model is working very well. Also, from what I can tell they have a bigger focus on canine psychology which was another deciding factor for me. I recommend them to anyone who wants to be a dog trainer or just learn more about their own dog!”

Luke and Leia

Luke and Leia posing on the couch!

Gabrielle K., CDTK – Master Class Graduate
West Middlesex, PA

“My experience with CATCH Canine Training Academy thus far has been great, from the very first phone call with Rebecca to receiving one-on-one coaching from Kelly, my assigned program director. I am impressed with their genuine desire to help and answer any of my questions.

The structure of the program material, the books, the videos, the on-line library and Kelly’s coaching and knowledge combined with a mentor program is making the learning process easy and fun. I have greatly benefited from all the training, it’s truly an excellent program designed to build your confidence and skills in becoming a professional dog trainer.

If you are seriously thinking of becoming a professional dog trainer and are looking for a dog training school, I highly recommend CATCH, Canine Training Academy.”

Lan J.
Palo Alto, CA

“As a student of Catch Canine Trainers Academy, I have finished phase A of basic program. I’m glad to be one of the members of Catch family. The knowledge structure of basic program is extremely useful and helpful for the beginner starting their new life as dog trainer. During classes, I knew class director Kelly who is an experienced animal trainer. She is not only to answer my questions, to discuss the situations described in training material but also to share learning tips and dog training work experience with me. I am looking forward to continuing my following learning program.”

Sonya G.
Broomfield, CO

“I am a student of Catch Canine Trainers Academy and I have to say I am so excited to be studying under this program. I looked into and researched a number of online training schools and found this program to be the most inclusive (+the option to partner and work with a mentor local to me) and within my budget. The student advisor, Kelly, that has been assigned to work with me has been extremely helpful. And I appreciate that everyone within Catch’s office gets to know their students personally. They know my own personal dogs and the reasons why I am working to become certified.”

Julia U., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Philadelphia, PA

Julia’s dog Cassie cuddling with the kitten.

“I am currently enrolled in the Professional Dog Trainer Course offered by CATCH and so far it has been an excellent experience. Everyone at CATCH is so friendly and eager to help. They are always available if you have questions or would like to discuss a certain topic. They reply to e-mails very quickly.

The course materials are thorough and up-to-date, which was something that was very important to me when choosing a dog trainer program. I wanted a course that would focus on current methods and practices and CATCH does just that. The way they have arranged the program makes it easy to follow. You cover one topic from all angles before moving on to the next topic.

This course was perfect for me because it is online and self paced, but they also offer in person mentoring with certified dog trainers. Obviously working with dogs involves a lot of hands on activities and it’s helpful to have someone evaluate your work and give you feedback face to face.”

Maria B., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Oceanside, CA

“I am a passionate Animal lover (my favorite beings dogs). Since I’ve been enrolled in CATCH Canine Trainers Academy I’ve been super happy and confident that after completing all the phases for my certificate for Dog Behavior that I will be successful in the real world. David, the founder which is the also the professor, is there every step of the way to help you out. You can call him anytime, and if you don’t get him (which is very rarely) you talk to a sweet assistant named Rebecca, once she gives him the message you will hear back from him right away. This is an AWESOME Academy and I recommend it to any one trying to pursue a career with dogs. Oh and did I mention it’s a GREAT price for the good benefit you get when you finish.”

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