Even More Testimonials

Positive feedback from our students is another reward we get for doing what we love.  We are thrilled to be a source of inspiration and support for animal lovers that are using what they learn to make a difference in the lives of dogs and people across the country.  Join us!

Grace with her rescue dog, Riley, who she made amazing progress with as her student dog.

Grace G. – Basics Pro Graduate
Queens, NY

“I’m now watching dogs play/interact with a new perspective and insight. Just with my dog Riley, I am much better at understanding what she’s thinking at any time and reacting accordingly. I have a better understanding of her associations and motivations, and with that understanding, I have watched her come out of her shell more in a few months than the entire year prior. Whether I’m watching dogs on walks, socializing at parks, or watching online videos I’m always observing their body language and learning something new every day. It has made me feel much more confident in handling undesirable behaviors and reactions.

The entire experience has been amazing. I feel that CATCH is extremely supportive with how close they work with each student. Hillary my program director has been fantastic with our scheduled phone conversations, and assisting me with any material that needed my extra attention. I’m having a positive experience with CATCH and look forward to more of my studies!”

Jen B. – Master Class Student, Workshop Graduate
Brooklyn, NY

Carolyn, Desmond, and Oda Mae

Carolyn M., CCDT – Master Class Graduate

Whittier, CA

“I could not be happier with my decision to join CATCH. I chose this school because from the very first phone call they took the time to get to know me, my interests in becoming a dog trainer, my family, and my dogs. They have NEVER given me a student ID number. Every time I email or call on the phone they know me by my name. As staff and as my mentors they are encouraging, motivating, completely knowledgeable, helpful and always available for anything I need, If I call they answer and I’ve talked on the phone with my program directer for an hour chatting and getting all the answers and advise I need to be the most knowledgeable and informed. At no point did I feel I was taking up too much of their time. They are genuinely there for their students and completely invested in our success. Anytime I email I usually get a phone call or and email reply within the hour if not sooner. They are AMAZING.
The curriculum is equally outstanding, I was trained as a dog trainer through PetSmart and now learning everything CATCH has put into their curriculum I am shocked at how much I did not know. I truly do not think there could be a better at home learning program than the one CATCH has created.
I am in Phase 7 (out of 10) doing the Master program. In each phase there are book written by the world’s best authority on dog training, animal behavior and learning theory. There are study guide questions for each section of reading assignments. There are also hands on activities to give you extra real life practice. Once you complete a phase your program director emails you your test. It is made up of the study guide questions so there are no surprises and no trick questions. If you do the program with the Mentor package you are assigned to an experienced dog trainer in your area. For the first part you have to shadow the mentor for either 5 private sessions or 6 group classes. This is invaluable if you are becoming a dog trainer because there is so much more you can learn from seeing done hands-on and being able to practice and ask questions. Later the mentor evaluates you on your own training skills.
Again I literally do not have one bad comment or even a criticism for anything about CATCH, I kind of wish I did so that I didn’t look so one sided but they just haven’t given me anything to complain about. This school is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to become a trainer or even just learn more about dogs. It is WELL worth the money if you have any interest at all.

Debbie B., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Manhattan, NY

Debbie’s beautiful adopted mix, Ginger, on her second birthday in NYC.

“When I decided I wanted to pursue a career as dog trainer I researched many canine training schools. I decided to go with CATCH because of the attention to hands on work and training in addition to extensive externship work. I have not regretted my decision for one second.

The curriculum is diverse and extensive. You will not only learn the correct methods of how to train a dog, you will also learn to read dog body language; how dogs think and learn so you can communicate with them more efficiently; and the differences in how canines and primates interact with each other so you can avoid (and teach your future clients to avoid) common mistakes made in dog human relationships.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Your program director is usually immediately available by phone. If not you WILL receive a prompt response to any questions you have. In most cases the same day! I have gotten responses from my program director on the weekend!

If you’re serious about becoming a dog trainer and want to receive (IMHO) the best education you can in this field, than CATCH is the school for you!”

Dynamite Dog Logo - Jamie Diaz

Jamie D. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer
Deerfield Beach, FL

Jamie referring to her student: “Camille was absolutely amazing! She explains everything extremely well and has great understanding of all issues. Great addition to the dog training world!”

Jessica's student dog, Charlie, showing off her "Sit Pretty."

Jessica’s student dog, Charlie, showing off her “Sit Pretty.”

Jessica P.
Daytona Beach, FL

“Master Class is the way to go!! I have learned more than I ever thought possible with this course! I’m waist-deep in Phase 6 of 10 and I’m always hungry for more knowledge! The staff in Student Support are always there for me answering my questions quickly and cheerfully. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this school for anyone looking to start a career training positive or even to a compassionate dog owner that wants to create and maintain an unbreakable, loving bond with their dog!”

Kathleen W.
Plano, TX

“I am in Phase 2 of my training program and am so impressed with everything so far. I did some research as well and CATCH was so obviously a better deal that some others that I saw. One wanted $69,000 for a 6-week training program that only allowed me to operate in one zip code! I don’t think so!

What I am loving about CCTA is that I am getting an in-depth, overall look at dog training from different perspectives, not just one particular approach. I know I will be a better dog trainer for knowing that there are different approaches out there–and that I can be respectful even if I don’t necessarily agree. The materials that they have sent me are so densely packed with information and I find myself using what I am learning all the time. I just got back from a visit with a friend whose dog is a barker and a guarder and we spent a few days working with her, and I gave her some tracks to run on after I left. There is just no lack of dogs out there with small and large behavioral issues and I get practice all the time. I really feel that I am getting the best of the best of the dog training material out there; no need to weed through the mediocre stuff because I am only getting the cream.

The support that I get from the program is also phenomenal. Kelly is my student support coach and she is always available to answer my questions. I have been through college and graduate school and I’ve never had this level of personal attention in a program.

Of course, I am not done with the program yet, but at this point, I think that the investment (a fraction of what Bark Busters wanted) is turning out to be a great one. I can’t wait until I get to the one-on-one mentoring and the shelter work.

If you want to re-invent yourself and try to make a living working with dogs, rest assured that you will get a lot of bang for your buck with CCTA!”

Gary’s stunning Collie, KC, strikes a pose for the camera.

Gary Y., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Brookhaven, PA

“Why I’m so pleased that I signed up with CATCH?

1. What a great curriculum! The study material provides for an intense, in-depth look at dog training from different perspectives. With this, the concepts are easier to grasp! The program also provides mentoring with a certifies dog trainer in your area.

2. Awesome student support! The entire staff gets to know you, They don’t make you feel like “your just another student”. My student adviser, Kelly is amazing! Response to my questions quickly and provides great, easy to understand answers.

3. Learning at my own pace! Currently, with a busy job, that often goes 6 days a week, 10hrs a day. Completing the course at my own pace fits my needs perfectly.

If you are looking to become a dog trainer, try CATCH, its worth it!”

Taylor A., CDTK – Master Class Graduate
Orlando, FL

“When I was younger I suffered a traumatic brain injury. I was told it would be hard for me to ever obtain a college degree or to work a full time job. As I grew older I realized that I had a passion to work with animals, particularly dogs. Many of the online schools out there are too expensive, or if they are cheap you get what you pay for and never actually learn any quality material. CATCH is neither.

When I told them about my situation and since they have been nothing but supportive and kind. They have accommodated my disability and have been so nice the whole time. Their staff actually take the time to get to know you, your personal goals and to help you along the way as you progress through their program.

Their courses are self paced so you can work whenever you are available and the material is easy to get through, but substantive and you finish each phase feeling like you have gained significant knowledge. I have never felt rushed or like I wasn’t learning enough while taking this course.

The price is astonishingly low for how much they give you, including books, a binder with new outlined study guides and assignments and training equipment. I have been so grateful for the new dog-related library I now have thanks to them as with the payments and each new course they send you a whole new round of books that relate to each phase, a wealth of knowledge that is very valuable.

I strongly recommend CATCH to anyone who is looking for a career as a professional dog trainer, as CATCH is so professional themselves, and they will take care of any need a person could possibly have before enrolling them in the courses. An investment in CATCH is a good investment for your future.”

Hudson’s puppy play group!

Shana W.
Gasport, NY

“I am in the middle of taking the Basics Pro course, and so far I LOVE IT! The course is challenging, but not so hard you can’t do it, it is reasonably priced, and my Project Manager is the best! Actually, everyone at Catch is absolutely awesome! I am so glad I chose this course to become a dog trainer. They all understand my love for dogs, and want to watch me achieve my goal into becoming a dog trainer! Give them a call they are more than willing to help you out!”

Patti S., Basics Pro Graduate
Milroy, PA

“I can sum up my experience with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy curriculum and staff with just one word: A W E S O M E !!!

A – able to study at your own pace

W – well developed programs with wonderful student support

E – educated and experienced staff

S – super strong curriculum

O – outclasses other dog trainer programs by a landslide

M – multitude of course combinations you can tailor to meet your personal goal

E – excellent educational experience for anyone interested in becoming a certified
professional dog trainer

Thank you CATCH!”


Maxwell is always ready to play!

Yvonne A.
Miami, FL

“I have just started taking the Master’s Program with CATCH and really must say I am thrilled so far.
The learning materials and the design of the program are very thorough and well thought-out.
In addition, there is always somebody just a phone call or an email away to help me with any questions or concerns I have.

If my mentor Kelly doesn’t hear from me in a while, she always sends me an email to check up on me and my progress.
Even though I have a while to go before I finish this very complete course, I am already very excited for my future as a professional dog trainer!”

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