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As a student, your feedback means everything to us.  Everything we do is designed to maximize your success in the dog world. Read more CATCH Canine Trainers Academy reviews below.

Association of Professional Dog Trainers Virtual Conference

We were so grateful for the feedback people shared with us when they stopped by our virtual APDT booth. We didn’t even ask, but we can’t say thank you enough for the positive reinforcement of our hard work!

“I am so proud to tell people that I am a CATCH alumna and even more proud to be a CATCH mentor. Your support in not just learning to train dogs but the business side of it was such a big help in getting my business established.” – Ronda W.

As a graduate of the master program and now a mentor, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything your program has taught me!!!” – Tiffany M.

“Hello from Denver! I am currently in Phase 7 of your Master program and have been very happy with the level of education and support provided. I was self-teaching during my 4 years as a full time self employed dog walker, but the information in these courses is so specific and direct, I found that I wasn’t able to get NEARLY the insight into methods, scheduling, and presentation styles from just reading books and searching online. Thanks so much CATCH!” – James A.

“I’m a mentor trainer for CATCH and so far I’ve been really pleased with the quality of their students.” – Sara L.

“Just wanted to say hi. I am a Catch graduate and currently own my own dog training business.” – Nick G.

Annie and her student dog, Cooper, taking a well-deserved break!

Annie and her student dog, Cooper, taking a well-deserved break!

Annie C., CCDT – Master Class Graduate

Newton, MA

“After 20 years of working with dogs I decided to get an official trainer certification. I wanted one that provided useful information; included a practical, realistic, positive approach; and had a very active, knowledgeable support team. I found it all and more with CATCH. The curriculum is great, the staff is very knowledgeable and experienced and they are always available. I strongly recommend CATCH for a canine trainer program.”

Erika P. – Master Class Graduate
Maywood, NJ

Daniel keeps training fun for the dogs at daycare!

Daniel C. – Master Class Graduate
Boise, ID

“Working at a dog daycare, I have met many dogs with many different personalities as well as pet parents with the same diverse eccentricities. I honestly thought I knew dogs really well. Once I started my schooling, I became well aware I was maybe half right (and that’s being generous). I became more aware of my body posture, my handling, but most importantly I began to see more and more from a dog’s point of view. I now think to myself, “What is around this dog? If I were this wide/tall how would everything look to me? If I were approached by myself right now how would it make me react?” while interacting with dogs that might seem stressed or nervous.

I have to commend my program advisor, Samantha, and my mentor, Allison! They are very well versed and are some of the nicest people I have ever met. It made the transition into the dog training world so accommodating that I was able to find my confidence fast. Even when I was discouraged, they were there to help me back up and get running again. I appreciate you guys so much!”

Bob has been an excellent student, and we are thrilled to see him making a difference in the dog world!

Robert K, CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Perkasie, PA

“After retiring from Law Enforcement of 35 years, I became interested in becoming a dog trainer, something I’ve considered for a long time but never had the time to dedicate towards. “It’s never too late” people always said to me. After signing up for the CATCH Academy Masters Class, I never enjoyed studying so hard. Whenever I reached out to Kelly, my Program Director, for assistance, she would always respond back within a day (and if she wasn’t able to, another informative and pleasurable Director did). Kelly and I also shared our own personal dog stories. She became a “friend.” ALWAYS made the time for me!! Aside from the course itself I took two of their several week long Workshop Classes and learned “hands-on” information which was an invaluable experience. CATCH President, David Muriello, along with other experienced/knowledgeable Professional Trainers worked hard to make sure EVERYONE in the classes fully understood every part of the Workshop along the way. Again, “invaluable” for any student to receive! Today I’m officially a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer and can’t wait to get my business started!!! Thank you David, Kelly and all of the staff for making my dream a REALITY!

(Before you make any decisions on signing up for a dog training course, definitely make sure you research CATCH Canine Academy, you won’t regret it.)”

Yuna H., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Fort Worth, TX

Ginger working with her newest addition, Duchess.

Ginger working with her newest addition, Duchess.

Ginger H., CCDT – Master Class Graduate & CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer
Columbia, SC

“Knowledge is power, seize it with CATCH!

The CATCH curriculum gained me the knowledge to apply myself as a competitive, certified, professional dog trainer/behavior specialist with a business sense to succeed.

Their flawless curriculum, student support staff and one on one teaching and coaching of Marcela, set me on this amazing path of owning my business and living my dream of making a difference in the lives of dogs and their humans.

You too can CATCH your dreams!

Reach out and sign up with the absolute best academy for learning all things positive in dog training and behavior!

CATCH Canine Trainers Academy is without a doubt……Top Dog!”

Raffaele, Max, and Nala enjoying a well-deserved day out!

Raffaele, Max, and Nala enjoying a well-deserved day out!

Raffaele C., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Lorton, VA

“I started with CATCH a little over a month ago and it has been great so far! I just finished Phase 1 and I learned so much! The staff at CATCH are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. When I was first considering CATCH among the other schools, I talked to Rebecca who helped make my decision so easy! I gave her some tough questions to answer and she had great answers and from that point on I was sold. It really was because of her of why I chose to go with CATCH and not ABC. She even set me up on a call with the Founder of the Academy, David! That call was so great and inspirational. You can really tell that they all know their stuff! After I joined I was assigned my mentor Kelly! Kelly has been nothing but helpful. She has already helped me out with a few things and I know I will be needing her help more as I progress through the phases. It’s great to have someone to bounce business ideas off of and to answer any question I possibly have. I am very confident that CATCH is going to prepare me to open my own Dog Training business and I am so glad that I found them! I would definitely recommend any aspiring dog trainer to choose CATCH over the other programs out there. If you are looking for a dedicated staff, modern techniques, and ample resources then this is the program to choose!

Chris & the talented Mr. Binford

Chris & the talented Mr. Binford

Chris K. – How to Speak Dog Graduate

San Jose, CA

“Excellent overall program for anyone at any level desiring to work with dogs as a professional trainer, volunteer at your local shelter or to increase the bond with your own dog through training.

The staff is professional, courteous and prompt to answer questions and the program can be geared to your schedule and finances without pressure.

The videos and printed material arrive on time and in excellent condition. Online study materials are available as well.

The experience is flexible enough for a variety of people with different learning and scheduling needs.

Vinny teaching one of his students a recall, starting on a long line.

Vincent O., CPDT-KA, CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Staten Island, NY

“Just figured I’d say hello and that I started phase 6. I’m up to hands-on public speaking and being a leader. I’ve already practiced a  5 -10 minute lecture on socializing. I’m really enjoying phase 6 as I think it will help me in being a better teacher. Again I would like to say I am really enjoying your course, it is a life changer and I feel the confidence growing after each phase. LOVE IT sums it up 🙂

Thank You CATCH team.”

Holly SantanaHolly S. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer

NYC Metro & Westchester Co., NY

Holly’s feedback on her student: “Sheila has come very far with her dog handling skills. She explained each command thoroughly, and was able to focus a clueless puppy through the whole demo. She’s ready to be a professional dog trainer and is tackling the material very thoroughly and intelligently.”

Bradley and his stunning student dog, Winston.

Bradley and his stunning student dog, Winston.

Bradley M.
Denville, NJ

The entire staff have a great deal of experience as professional dog trainers and are extremely knowledgeable as well as very supportive and enthusiastic. The books/reading materials are very informative and the entire program is very well structured. I have learned so much over the last few months as a student at CATCH and could not be happier to be a part of this wonderful program. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone that wants to become a professional dog trainer.

KindredCompanionsMolly S. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer

Frenchtown, NJ

I am very impressed with the students coming through this program. Well done. Thanks for allowing us to be involved. I very much enjoy working with these students.”

Sharon and Paco discussing dog body language

Sharon C., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Boonton, NJ

“My Mentor Trainer hooked me up with a leader of a small group that meets on Tuesday mornings to work with some of the shelter dogs. I started yesterday! So now I’m coaching on Tuesdays, observing for 3 more weeks on Wednesdays, and dog walking on Fridays! Of course, there’s working with my student Paco, too! Getting lots of practice, which is great!

Yesterday I worked with an “extremely shy” young adult pit mix. She doesn’t do well with body handling. After the session, the person in charge of the group came over to me and said she wanted me to know that she thought I did a great job handling the dog. I thanked her and was just bursting with joy inside.

The process of becoming a dog trainer becomes more and more rewarding every day for me! I just wanted to let my professional teacher know! 🙂 Phase 4 has definitely taken the lead as my favorite!”

Nancy with Clifford, her amazingly trained horse

Nancy with Clifford, her amazingly trained horse who performs across the U.S. and has been called one of the smartest horses in the world.

Nancy B. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer
De Tour Village, MI

“CATCH is probably the only canine training group I know of that promotes positive and intelligent methods without gimmicks or aversives. Recently someone asked me if I knew of a good way to get certified as a trainer, and I referred CATCH immediately. You guys are doing things right. Keep up the good work!”

Nancy referring to her student: “Over her year with CATCH, I have watched her confidence bloom. It never occurred to me this would be one side benefit of the CATCH program – it can change people’s lives! Jane hit the ground running and never looked back.”

Melissa and Abby enjoying a well-deserved rest after acing their Phase 4 Evaluation.

Melissa and Abby enjoying a well-deserved rest after acing their Phase 4 Evaluation.

Melissa L., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Sanford, NC

“Thank you for the extra point on my exam. I appreciate that you welcome the feedback about the exam questions and the way they can be interpreted. I love your school and have learned an incredible amount so far. My Mentor Trainer, Jane, is very helpful providing additional insight on how to resolve issues. She very closely follows everything I learned in the Study Guide.”

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