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Students and Professional Trainers alike are impressed with how thorough and up-to-date the CATCH curriculum is, and our Student Support is unmatched. If you are looking for the right school to launch your career as a modern and successful dog trainer, look no further!

Camille's Lab puppies taking a field trip for some valuable socialization time!

Camille’s Lab puppies taking a field trip for some valuable socialization time!

Camille A., Custom Course Graduate
Charlotte, NC

“I have enjoyed learning from CATCH from the minute I started my classes. CATCH is very convenient. I have 3 busy kids and household to coordinate, and my job is 45 minutes in the opposite direction of all three schools. CATCH let’s me study at my pace, providing me help any time I have a question.

CATCH is extremely informative. Already, I have learned so much more about dog training and dog behavior, and I always look forward to the next topic, because it’s sure to be presented in a well-planned, well thought out way.

I think my favorite thing about CATCH is the support I’ve received from the student support staff. My program director, Becca, has been very helpful and has encouraged me to ask questions any time I need clarification, and she’s always very knowledgeable about each aspect of dog training. If for some reason, she not in, one of the other staff answers me.”


Barbara J. – CATCH Certified Mentor Trainer
Thousand Oaks, CA

Referring to her student, Jackie: “Jackie’s knowledge of dogs and basic behavior is great. Her intuition is right on. For example, on a private visit with a fearful dog, Jackie knew how to carry herself and avoid eye contact. In my group classes, she was very interactive with both the puppy class as well as the adolescent. The students asked her many questions, and I never felt the need to add further information. Jackie is awesome and will be an amazing trainer!”

Michelle C.
Totowa, NJ

“I am currently enrolled in the Master Class at Catch and I am loving every minute of it. I have learned so much more than I ever expected about dogs and their behavior. Everyone at Catch is so supportive and immediately gets back to me if I have a question. Kelly, who is the program director I am paired with checks in with me every other week to see if I need any questions answered. The online videos are wonderful also. I have a mentor trainer where I go to observe classes and learn from and she is also the best professional on every level. I honestly can not say enough positive thing about the people and the curriculum. I was hesitant when I initially enrolled thinking I could just get a quick course to be a trainer but this is totally different and way better than I could have hoped. Worth every penny!”

How do you say handsome in Spanish? Meet Guapo, Deborah’s awesome Chihuahua mix.

Deborah G.,  Combo Course Graduate
Methuen, MA

“Catch Canine Academy is a great choice for dog training schools! I found them to be the most professional and the most personable of all the schools I looked at before making my decision.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get certified in this field!”

Dana B., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Princeton Junction, NJ

“I signed up with CATCH because out of all the dog training programs I looked at, they were the most professional. From the beginning I was assigned a mentor who has been available to me constantly to help and guide me through the process. I was actually surprised at how advanced and challenging some of the materials are. And although the exams are open book, they are still challenging.
My hands-on mentor is an experienced trainer and she has also helped enormously with the actual working with dogs.
I can’t recommend the school enough.”

Ronda with one of her amazing Great Danes.

Ronda with one of her amazing Great Danes.

Ronda W., Basics Pro Graduate
Twentynine Palms, CA

“I am two-thirds of the way thru my studies and love it. My adviser explains when I get the wrong answer on a project or test so that I understand where I went wrong and also gives me feedback on correct answers that I may not have been sure about. My mentor and the local shelter provide practical hands-on experience. I am so glad to taking this course as I am learning so much and able to put that knowledge to immediate use with the dogs.

Greg S., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
Burlington, VT

“Where do I begin with ranting and raving about CATCH?

From the get-go, their friendly staff and program directors were there for me and not only knew my name, but knew my dogs names too! All of them have been very genuine and helpful throughout my program, they are a pleasure to work with!

As far as the actual programs offered, there are many options and payment plans available to choose which one works best for you!

The studies are at your own pace. I’ve been able to work a full time job while studying in my free time and it has been great to do so not having to worry about deadlines and the headaches that come with scheduled classes.

Their tactic of teaching is phenomenal! They use many styles of learning to be sure that you learn the key concepts of what you’re studying!

I could go on and on! The knowledge I am obtaining from Catch is not only extremely valuable but ESSENTIAL for the future of Dog Training.

I feel so fortunate to be associated with such a fantastic Academy and will continue to recommend any and everyone who may be interested in following their dreams to be a Dog Trainer!

Kudos CATCH! Hats off to you! Thank you!”

Kate and Batman

Kate and Batman


Kate N., Combo Course Graduate
New York, NY

“Starting next week, I’m going to start observing my Mentor Trainer’s classes, learning the ropes from her, and eventually hope to take on some classes and/or clients. I’m super excited!!”

Nikolai E., CCDT – Master Class Graduate
DeLand, FL

“I signed up with CATCH after some shopping around. During the sign up process there was never any pressure applied to reel me in, they were very professional and friendly. The price was right and now I am half way thru and I am happy with everything. Everyone is helpful and available. I recommend CATCH to anyone.

Pasquale A., Basics Pro Graduate
Jersey City, NJ

“I just wanted to thank you so much for putting together such an informative course… I have obviously learned so much from you and from shadowing Sarah at the Doggie Academy. I just landed an assistant trainer position at Club Barks! The manager there said she learned everything she knows about dog training from your School Director so she had confidence in my knowledge and I landed the position on the spot. I assisted in a Puppy Kindergarten class the first week. After showing my skills that I honed with my pup Anya – I was asked to take over the Puppy Kindergarten classes and the first level of basic obedience classes – with assistance from the manager of course! Last Sunday I led my first class and it went really well.

I can tell how much I’ve accomplished by studying your course by comparing my 4 month old puppy to the adult dogs I’ve encountered at the shelter and even in the classes I shadow with Sarah. Anya is well-behaved, polite, trusts and listens to me (as much as a 4 month old can) and even when she is stressed out will hold a sit stay in front of a crowd! And the same methods are working with most of the shelter dogs I encounter too. I’m helping puppy parents connect with their dogs and it feels great!

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