The Reward of Training Shelter Dogs

Students Gain Training Skills, Dogs Get Life Skills: Win-Win!

We worked with so many amazing dogs during the most recent sessions of the CATCH Hands-On Programs at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. Some needed new social skills, some needed manners, and they all needed time out of their kennels to experience mental stimulation, exercise, and attention from dedicated students.

Whether it was pairing the dogs for play groups and then studying their body language, or figuring out how to help an individual dog overcome a specific fear – we learned as much from them as they learned from us. The dogs said “thank you” in their own ways – wagging tails, eager “smiles”, and focused attention on learning new behaviors. We were overjoyed to see many of them get adopted right before our very eyes. Check out some video examples of the great work the students and dogs did together. (If you’d like more details on the challenges the dogs presented and how we solved them, read the detailed descriptions under the videos on the CATCH YouTube channel.)

Nami Fear of Doorways (Before Training)


Nami Fear of Doorways (Partial Progress)


Nami Fear of Doorways (After Training)


Ozone – Rowdy Jumper (Before)


Ozone Learning to “Get Dressed” (Training Progress)


Ozone Off Leash Recall Outdoors with Distractions (After Training)


Ozone Walking on a Loose Leash with Attention (After Training)


Hazel Leash Reactivity B-Mod (Partial Progress)


Hazel Leash Reactivity B-Mod Improvements (After Training)


Hazel Leash Reactivity B-Mod – Total Self-Control (After Training)

Interested in taking your love for dogs to another level by learning professional training skills? Get in touch with us through the Quick App here. Our friendly Student Support team would love to hear about your questions and goals. You can also call or email: 877.752.2824 (877.75.CATCH) |

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