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Sit, Stay, Jingle All the Way: Tips for Teaching a Polite Stay

The holidays are here, and your dog is… well, over there… and moving fast! You’d love for your dog to hold their position for the perfect Christmas photo, or to simply not jump on Gramma when she comes through the … Continue reading

Breezy Dog Walks Start With the Right Harness

Imagine you are preparing for a leisurely walk with your four-legged friend, ready to enjoy the outdoors together. But as soon as you step outside, your pup’s excitement takes over, turning what should be a relaxing stroll into a tug-of-war. … Continue reading

Fetching Frames: Use Positive Reinforcement to Turn Dog Photos into Works of Art

Taking great photos of your beloved dog can be a delightful way to capture their personality and create lasting memories. However, it’s no secret that getting dogs to pose for the camera can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where positive … Continue reading

Travel Tips: Prep for a Joyful Road Trip with Your Dog

Summer is here – 7 Tips for Safer Travel With summer here, you may be thinking about taking your dog on some new adventures out of town. You could have an unforgettable experience – but hopefully not for the wrong … Continue reading

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