How can a Dog Lover Make a Difference?

Don’t Dog it – Get Involved in Your Community!

We are proud that so many of our students are helping dogs and dog owners in their community every day. The funny thing is, as a dog lover, we know you wouldn’t have it any other way. You might say the time you spend with dogs is actually selfish because you love it and it’s good for you. So be it – a classic win-win!

Even if you’re not a student yet, here are some great ways you can satisfy your craving to spend time with dogs, learn more about them, and help them at the same time. We’ve categorized these by your skill level.  Whether you are inexperienced or a pro, there’s plenty of ways you can make a difference and immerse yourself in the joys of dog companionship.

Category 1 – Just a Dog Lovin’ Fool (Little to No Behavior Knowledge)

  • Take a rescue for a walk!

    Take a rescue for a walk!

    Volunteer to help out at the local shelter – cleaning, walking, prepping food toys, spending time with dogs that need companionship

  • Foster a dog from a local rescue
  • Train your dog to be a therapy dog and take her to meet people who could use a furry friend
  • Offer to exercise your neighbor’s dog (you know, the one that sits home all day with nothing to do)

Category 2 – Student of Training & Behavior or Dog Lover with Ownership/Training Experience

  • Training manners is always a win-win.

    Training manners is always a win-win.

    Volunteer to help out at the local shelter – walking, training, assisting in behavior evaluations

  • Foster a more challenging dog from the local shelter
  • Volunteer to answer the phone for a local rescue group’s behavior hotline, helping new adopters and foster parents to resolve training and behavior challenges
  • Offer to train your neighbor’s dog (you know, the one who is clearly smarter than he lets on (the dog, not the neighbor))
  • Become an assistant in a professional trainer’s classes

Happy training! Let us know how it goes for you and get in touch if you’re serious about learning more.

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