Take Great (but Quick) Notes on Your Training Sessions

Pro Tips For Pro Trainers

CATCH School Director, David Muriello, shares a smart tip for new and established trainers:

Whether you’re working on a team (ex., in a shelter) or as an individual with clients, the more dogs and people you work with – the more important it is to take good notes.  A little time with this will go a long way towards your efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s best practice to record a training session as soon as you are done working with a dog. For example:

  • What behaviors did you work on?
  • How far did you get?
  • What step did you finish on?
  • Were any of the 3 D’s applied yet (Distance, Duration, Distraction)?

Remember to be concise but specific. Record not only what you worked on, but your goals for next time as well.  This is one of those little things that makes a big difference.  Take note!

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  1. June Henson says:

    Worked on sitting, down, staying, Walking the puppies every night, teaching them to heal and walk together.

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