Why Sit Matters

Dogs CAN Say Please!

Did you know that a behavior as simple as “Sit” can make your dog more respectful? We don’t mean just sitting instead of jumping. We’re talking about Sit as a way for your dog to say “please” in all kinds of situations. Try this experiment for a week and watch your dog’s overall manners greatly improve:

  • Ask your dog to Sit before opening doors for her. Reward the Sit by opening the door, giving your dog access to the outdoors or new space.
  • Ask your dog to Sit when you have her favorite toy in hand. Reward the Sit by throwing the toy or playing a game of tug.
  • Ask for a Sit when your dog wants to jump on the couch or on your lap. Reward with access to the spot and then a cuddle or a belly rub.

The trick is to recognize when your dog is about to get something from you, then ask for a simple Sit first – before you give it. This teaches your dog to be polite and under control, respecting you and the wonderful things that you give her each day. “Sit to say please” develops impulse control and attention to you – great qualities in a well-mannered, well-trained dog.

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