Deliciously Healthy and Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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If you can mix up something that’s both delicious and healthy – it’s a win-win.
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Are you thinking it might be time to cook your dog up a treat? Perhaps you have looked into commercial dog food and found the ingredients somewhat lacking in natural goodness? If so, we’ve come up with some of our favorite homemade dog food recipes, and even how to make a tasty canine snack. As always, keep your dog’s specific dietary needs and restrictions in mind when preparing these recipes.*

Canine Chicken ‘Risotto’

This healthy mix of protein, rice and greens is a great way to give your dog something special—without all the additives that store-bought food typically has. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, the boiled white rice typically helps. Remember not to rinse the rice after cooking. The starch acts as a binder and will aid digestion!


  • 2 cups boiled Organic Chicken, cut into small chunks (thighs and breast work well here)
  • 2 cups Rice – whole grain or white
  • 2 handfuls Leafy greens, such as Kale or Spinach, finely chopped


  1. In a nonstick pan, add chicken, cooked rice and greens.
  2. Add ¼ cup water and stir. Add more water if necessary, to bring the mixture to the desired consistency.
  3. Once cooled, divide into containers with tight lids, and store in refrigerator for up to 5 days.
  4. Serve alone or as an addition to your dog’s typical meal.

Hearty Herby Beef Stew

This meat and veggie stew is a nice treat and grain-free alternative – which can be helpful with dogs that have allergies or skin problems. Throwing in the parsley is a neat trick to keep dogs’ breath fresh and clean!


  • 2lbs Organic Beef
  • 1 cup finely chopped carrot
  • ½ cup diced sweet potato
  • ½ cup butternut squash
  • Handful of fresh parsley (for fresh breath!)


  1. In a nonstick pan, add beef and cook until no longer pink
  2. While meat is cooking, boil sweet potatoes, carrots and squash for 5 minutes, or until slightly softened (can cook longer for dogs with teeth problems, or for smaller dogs)
  3. Drain veggies and add to meat.
  4. Add fresh parsley, stir and cool
  5. Divide into containers with tight lids and store in refrigerator for up to 5 days.
  6. Serve to your dog with or without a portion of his meal – either way, he’ll love it!


Ice Pops

For a treat in the summertime, try our favorite treat for pups (and humans, too!) Dip pieces of apple or carrot into smooth peanut butter then drop them into an ice cube tray or a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and freeze for 1 hour.

Once frozen, divide into containers with lids and store for up to 3 months. Your dog will love them and these treats will cool him down in the midday sun!

Your dog is likely to love any of these additions to his diet, just as you love preparing them, so have fun and don’t forget to use these treats as rewards for great behavior!

*Please research or ask your vet before you introduce something totally new or change your dog’s diet completely, as some dogs need certain vitamins, minerals and supplements. The recipes listed above are recommended as an addition to your dog’s current diet, not as a total replacement.

6 Responses to Deliciously Healthy and Homemade Dog Food Recipes

  1. Dogs I Love says:

    Looks delicious and healthy. Ill make this for my dog. Thanks

  2. Dogs I Love says:

    Looks delicious and healthy. Ill make this for my dog. Thanks

  3. chang nguyen says:

    Oh great. Need some recipes with turkey!

  4. Rhonda Grahn says:

    The past couple weeks I have been giving my little dachshund plain Greek yogurt, pumpkin, canned chicken. She loves it , but is it a balance enough diet for her. She’s 13yrs and having trouble chewing dry dog food

    • David Muriello says:

      Hi Rhonda, For individual dogs’ diets, it is always best to get advice from a veterinarian that knows your dog’s specific health situation. Every dog is different!

  5. Error says:

    Here are a few quick and easy recipes for healthy and nutritious dog treats that you can make in the comfort of your home. Your dog will thank you for reading this!

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