Monthly Archives: July 2014

In Case You Missed it: the Best Viral Dog Stories of This Summer

Every now and then there are viral-worthy dog videos, pictures and articles that dog lovers can’t seem to pass up reading and watching; this past month has been no exception! In case you missed it, we’ve put together some of … Continue reading

Thinking About Becoming a Dog Trainer? Infographic About Starting Your Own Business

Ever wondered what it would be like to follow your dreams and finally become a professional dog trainer? Check out the latest infographic from CATCH and learn ways to earn a steady income, and attract a following of loyal customers!

3 Ways to Combat Bad Dog Breath!

Like their human counterparts, if you get a whiff of your dog’s breath it isn’t going to smell like roses, but there is a big difference between normal doggie breath and a bad case of halitosis.  Here are three important tips … Continue reading

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