In Case You Missed it: the Best Viral Dog Stories of This Summer

Every now and then there are viral-worthy dog videos, pictures and articles that dog lovers can’t seem to pass up reading and watching; this past month has been no exception! In case you missed it, we’ve put together some of the best of the Summer for you. So, just for fun, here are some of the cutest, funniest and most interesting viral dog stories we’ve seen lately…

Did this dog just apologize for stealing baby’s toys?
This is one of the cutest dog videos we have seen in a long time! After Charlie the Beagle makes this sweet girl cry by stealing her toy, it looks like he makes it up to her by giving her every toy in the house! We may never know if dogs can understand the human concept of “making up” – but this makes for a pretty hilarious scene either way!


Dog teaches baby how to crawl
When Buddy, the Jack Russell Terrier, noticed that the baby was trying to crawl he appears to step in to show her how it’s done. His unique wriggling and sliding motions are must see!


Pit bull saves Chihuahua and now they need a new home
This is a beautiful story of canine friendship. Chachi the Chihuahua and Joanie the Pit Bull were found wandering the streets of Savannah before they were picked up by a local animal shelter. Joanie was carrying Chachi in her mouth, whilst seemingly looking for someone to help her injured friend! Chachi had a badly infected eye, which Joanie kept putting her down to clean. The local animal shelter is now looking for a new home for the pair – they don’t want to separate them! See photos and learn more about the story of these two cuties here.

pitbull saves chihuahua


Cute dogs show you how to beat the heat
This one is a cute collection of photos that are pretty useful, too! Get some good ideas on how to keep your dog safe in the blaring heat of summer, as told by these adorable pooch pictures. This is a must-read for dog owners in July and August.

dogs show us how to beat the heat



Funny dog barking compilation
Last, but not least, is this compilation of unique dog vocalizations. We all know dogs have different ways of trying to communicate with us; some loud and daunting, whilst others are more…unusual. Does your dog sound like any of these guys? The Mastiff in the middle is particularly amazing. Is he doing that in his sleep?

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