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What Makes an Imperfect Dog Perfect

Life with a Challenging Dog Can Make You a Skilled Trainer by Marcela Koehler Even though it’s been ages since Lassie became famous on TV, dog owners and trainers today still face the challenge that many people have “Lassie-esque” expectations … Continue reading

In Case You Missed it: the Best Viral Dog Stories of This Summer

Every now and then there are viral-worthy dog videos, pictures and articles that dog lovers can’t seem to pass up reading and watching; this past month has been no exception! In case you missed it, we’ve put together some of … Continue reading

Thinking About Becoming a Dog Trainer? Infographic About Starting Your Own Business

Ever wondered what it would be like to follow your dreams and finally become a professional dog trainer? Check out the latest infographic from CATCH and learn ways to earn a steady income, and attract a following of loyal customers!

3 Ways to Combat Bad Dog Breath!

Like their human counterparts, if you get a whiff of your dog’s breath it isn’t going to smell like roses, but there is a big difference between normal doggie breath and a bad case of halitosis.  Here are three important tips … Continue reading

Doggie Bag Do’s and Don’ts

Every dog owner loves to gift their pet with a special treat because it shows appreciation and love for the adoration and joy they give us.  But did you know that your leftovers from dinner out could be harmful and even … Continue reading

My Dog Made me Exercise

In her article about walking with dogs, Taya Florez follows the research of Assistant Professor of Nursing, Elizabeth Richards, in conjunction with Assistant Professor of Animal Behavior, Niwako Ogata, both of Purdue University. Their research is complimentary because they both … Continue reading

Manners at the Dog Park – Yes Please!

Are you thinking of visiting the dog park? A canine gathering is wonderful if everyone remembers their manners. Polite behavior, alongside personal respect, is essential when a group of people and dogs get together. Read on to learn great dog … Continue reading

Deliciously Healthy and Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Are you thinking it might be time to cook your dog up a treat? Perhaps you have looked into commercial dog food and found the ingredients somewhat lacking in natural goodness? If so, we’ve come up with some of our … Continue reading

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