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CATCH Director Teaching at Shelter Pro Education Series

Behavior Workshop for Dog Shelter Staff & Volunteers If you are a volunteer or staff member at a shelter in the NJ-NY-PA region, come out for a great day of studying dog body language with CATCH School Director, David Muriello, … Continue reading

CATCH Graduate Wins the APDT Brochure Contest

Congratulations to Gabrielle Kelly, CCDT Gabrielle, a graduate of the CATCH Master Class, recently attended the Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference in Dallas and won the Brochure Contest for her business, The Good Mannered Dog. Gabrielle’s brochure highlights her … Continue reading

When Students and Shelter Dogs Succeed, Our Hearts Sing

There’s Nothing Better than Teaching Great Students During the Spring session of the CATCH University for Dog Trainers (our 6-week on-campus course), Pia Silvani and I were reminded of all the reasons why we love teaching. There is something magical about … Continue reading

Biting Puppies – How Do You Stop Them?

Are You Rewarding Biting (by accident)? Anyone who has ever raised a puppy has experienced the bite marks and torn sleeves that little snapping jaws leave in their wake. Pups of every shape, size and breed will bite at your hands, clothing, … Continue reading

No Time = No Love?

Strengthening the Bond with Your Dog in a Busy World  (How to make quality time count.) We all love our dogs. How could you not adore that wagging tail and panting smile that always seems to say, “you’re the best” … Continue reading

Catching Your Dog in the Act

Timing is Everything Be a Leader Even a Puppy can Follow! Have you ever left the room for a few minutes and then came back to discover a stinky, unwelcome house training mistake left by your pup? Or how about … Continue reading

Why Sit Matters

Dogs CAN Say Please! Did you know that a behavior as simple as “Sit” can make your dog more respectful? We don’t mean just sitting instead of jumping. We’re talking about Sit as a way for your dog to say … Continue reading

How to Stop Pulling on Leash – Part 2

A Stronger Connection Makes a Looser Leash Pulling on leash is not only a safety issue, but it can also be a quality of life issue for you and your dog. Many dogs miss out on much-needed walks because their … Continue reading

How to Stop Pulling on Leash

A Drag Down the Sidewalk? No Yanks! Some trainers recommend that you stop or turn around every tie your dog pulls. But, it’s nearly impossible for you to walk your dog while stopping every time he pulls! Pulling on leash … Continue reading

How to Get Dogs Off Furniture (Happily!)

You Can Have Your Couch Back Now No matter how much you love your dog, you may not love fur, dirt, and scratches on your couch. Many owners who taught their pups to “come on up” now wish their adult … Continue reading

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