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Why Sit Matters

Dogs CAN Say Please! Did you know that a behavior as simple as “Sit” can make your dog more respectful? We don’t mean just sitting instead of jumping. We’re talking about Sit as a way for your dog to say … Continue reading

How to Stop Pulling on Leash – Part 2

A Stronger Connection Makes a Looser Leash Pulling on leash is not only a safety issue, but it can also be a quality of life issue for you and your dog. Many dogs miss out on much-needed walks because their … Continue reading

How to Stop Pulling on Leash

A Drag Down the Sidewalk? No Yanks! Some trainers recommend that you stop or turn around every tie your dog pulls. But, it’s nearly impossible for you to walk your dog while stopping every time he pulls! Pulling on leash … Continue reading

How to Get Dogs Off Furniture (Happily!)

You Can Have Your Couch Back Now No matter how much you love your dog, you may not love fur, dirt, and scratches on your couch. Many owners who taught their pups to “come on up” now wish their adult … Continue reading

Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!

Dogs Taking Over the House? If you’ve ever had more than one dog in your home, you know life can sometimes feel like a circus, or even a jungle! Lions and tigers and bears might be easier to handle than … Continue reading

How Smart is My Dog?

How Dognition can Give You a New Perspective on Your Best Friend CATCH is thrilled to bring you this special guest blog with Dr. Brian Hare, the Director of the Duke Canine Cognition Centre and author of the New York Times … Continue reading

Announcing Discounts for dog*tec Students and Graduates

Industry Leaders Teaming Up Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with dog*tec to arrange generous discounts for students and graduates of any dog*tec program. If you’re interested in learning modern, professional training techniques that will add fascinating work and additional income … Continue reading

Is Your Dog Good with Kids? Be Sure.

How are Dogs Like Knives? Dogs are “man’s best friend” for a reason – they’re naturally wonderful companions. But, they also have knife-sharp teeth, strong jaws, and they communicate with their mouths. With the automatic assumption that every dog is … Continue reading

Good Times Your Dog Won’t Want to Miss

Whipping Up Biscuits Cooking up training skills isn’t the only fun thing we do around here. Want to give an awesome gift to your dog, or to a dog lover you adore? These homemade biscuits can be whipped up with … Continue reading

Dog Life Insurance = Coming When Called

Get a Reliable Recall (or at least a MORE reliable one) I LOVE to take my dogs hiking off-leash in the woods and open fields. Therefore they must come when called. Even if you don’t like to give your dog off-leash … Continue reading

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