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Do You Have the Priority Motivators?

In this video, CATCH School Director, David Muriello, shows you the key to getting training results in difficult settings. It’s a common mistake to bring a dog into a distracting situation and then “fight the competing motivators” to try and get the dog’s attention. At best, this is a very inefficient way to train. At worst, you’re completely wasting time and frustrating yourself and the dog! (These interactions are bad for the relationship; which means bad for training results.)

Learn about what we call a priority motivator and how to ensure you are the one in control of it. The key is to set the dog up for success. Winning (earning rewards) can become addicting to the dog, and by smartly choosing the right environment you can move step-by-step to the point where you become the dog’s focus – even in a distracting setting. Watch to learn more!

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Are you a fanatic for learning more about behavior and training?  CATCH courses and workshops go beyond basic obedience to help students work with dogs that have behavioral issues. We find the problem-solving process to be fascinating: from basic issues like jumping, pulling, barking, and house training to learning about the more advanced challenges like fear and aggression cases. Many of our students turn their passion for dogs into newfound skills and use them to work with dogs that otherwise would not have the easiest time finding a forever home. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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